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7 day Mediterranean cruise trips

Are you thinking about taking a Mediterranean cruise? No matter if this is your very first cruise or you twentieth, a 7 day Mediterranean cruise can be a spectacular event! It combines the love you have for adventure and travel with the love of culture, entertainment and architecture into a most memorable cruise that will be hard to forget.

The first decision you must make before you decide to take a 7 day Mediterranean cruise is do you want to sail in the eastern or the western Mediterranean because that is how the cruise lines break up their cruises. The second decision you must make is which cruise line you are going to choose. There are several choices including: Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland American and Celebrity Cruises.

This is just a small sample of the cruise lines that are available for Mediterranean cruises. Each cruise line carries a different version of the cruise trip you are seeking. Each cruise line has a different itinerary and will stop at different cities along your journey. You will also find that each ship has different amenities, so all of these are important factors to take into consideration before you book your cruise.

One other option you have with any 7 day Mediterranean cruise that you book is choosing your suite. As with many of the luxury cruise liners today, you will be able to choose from a standard room all the way to a celebrity suite which will include all of the amenities you ever dreamed of during your stay. If this happens to be your very first cruise, it is important that you obtain the best room so that you are able to experience your 7 day Mediterranean cruise from the best view, the best of luxury and the best comfort.

If it has always been a dream of yours to see Europe or visit many of the captivating areas of the Mediterranean but you do not know where to stay, where to go or what to do, then here is the simple answer. Just take a 7 day Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise and you just have to remember to bring your binoculars and your camera.

You will be able to visit unfamiliar cultures and distant countries.
The Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise lines offer you many irresistible options to choose from. You may take a Classic Mediterranean Cruise, and Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, a Classic Mediterranean Cruise, the Best of Europe Cruise as well as a number of others. When you take a Mediterranean cruise, you will be able to visit several different places in a relatively short time period.

From April until November when the weather is at its best, you will be able to enjoy your Mediterranean cruise upon these following cruise liners: Splendour of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas or Navigator of the Seas. You will be able to visit some major port cities that are located along the northern shores of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. From Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Monaco and Turkey to the islands of Crete, Malta and Sicily, you will be utterly captivated by so many of the breathtaking sights! Some of the Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise liners such as the Brilliance of the Seas have different itineraries that include the Canary Island, Morocco and Egypt in their various ports of call.

You are able to cruise by night so that you will have your days free to visit some of the most exotic cities in the world. When you take a Royal Caribbean 7 day Mediterranean cruise, you will wake up and find that you are in a new and captivating location!

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