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The Thrill of Aegean Cruises

The Aegean Sea is located between the land masses of Turkey and Greece. In fact, the deep blue Aegean Sea is an extension of the Mediterranean Sea and peppered with jagged rocks. Many of these rocks are extensions of the mountains where a number of Turkey and Greek islands start from the mouth of the sea to the rear. Because of its chain of islands, the Aegean is also known as the archipelago and has naval animals and plants. Because of the scattered islands spread in the sparkling blue water of the Aegean Sea, this is one of the popular destinations for Aegean cruises.

The Aegean Sea has a remarkable collection of some of the most astounding islands in the world like the Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, and Naxos to name a few. Beauty, culture, and history come to a harmonic beat as you explore the shores of Bodrum, Izmir, Kusadasi and cruise the Aegean Islands making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime, and who knows like the many visitors, you may fall in love with the Aegean and visit it time and again.

Places to Visit on Aegean Cruises

The stunning island of Santorini lies in the southeast of mainland Greece. This volcanic island has an arid environment with very less rainfall and a hot dessert climate and is one of the only two environments of this kind in Europe. Capital of Santorini, Fira and Oia are the two cities you must visit. The structures including the houses are the island's most arresting feature with their white-washed, cube-shaped houses along with blue-doomed roofs in their midst. Visitors spend a lot of time lounging on the black sand beaches enjoying their drinks. Santorini also has vineyards, and some renowned varieties of vegetables like white eggplants, tomatoes, and cucumbers are also grown here. Accommodation for every budget is also available here.

The other beautiful Greek islands you can visit during Aegean cruises are:
  • Samos Island
  • Paros Island
  • Lesvos Island
  • Mykonos Island
  • Greek Rhodes Island
  • Patmos Island
  • Euboea Island
  • Naxos Island
  • Chios Island
Apart from the islands, the other places to visit in Greece includes Athens and its famous Acropolis; the monastries of Meteora; the Delphi Museum in Delphi, Corinth, and many other places.

The Aegean cruises will also take you to Turkish islands to give their touch to the Turkish waters. Aegean cruises can also take you to two of the main islands of Turkey--the Gokceada or Imbros Island and the Bozcaada along with other 212 smaller islets.

The other places of interest in Turkey are Istanbul and Ephesus. Istanbul is a fascinating city spanning two continents. The magnificent Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazzar are major sights of attractions.

Vacationing in the Aegean can be thoroughly enjoyed when you do it the most enjoyable and comfortable way--Aegean cruises. Once you embark on an Aegean cruise, get ready to get the thrill, excitement, and the visions of your lifetime.

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