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Where will you find the Aegean Sea?

Placed between Turkey on the east and Greece on the north and the west, the Aegean Sea is actually an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. Rhodes, Crete, Karpathosm, and other Greek islands that lie in the south is also where the Aegean Sea joins the Mediterranean. The coast is highly indented because of numerous bays, gulfs, and inlets.

The Aegean Sea, which actually is a part of the Mediterranean Sea, also includes the Thracian Sea and the sea of Crete. Expanding over 214,000 sq km, the Aegean Sea is bordered in the south by the Ionian Sea, the island of Crete, and the Mediterranean Sea while the northeast side of the sea is bordered by the Dardanellas Strait. The sea is at its maximum depth just off the coastline of northeastern Crete and it is measured to be at 10,000 ft. (3,294 m).

The Sea of Crete, which lies between Cyclades and Crete, shapes the southern part of the Aegean. The Dardanelles in the northeast leads to the Marmara Sea, and this is connected by the Bosporus to the Black Sea. The Corinth Canal on the west of Athens offers a narrow water route to the Ionian Sea northwestward. Although there is conflict of opinion regarding the origin of the name of this sea, some say it is derived from Aegea, which is a city of Evvoia. Aegeus is said to be the father of Theseus and the Amazon queen, Aegea.

The main ports on the Aegean Sea are Piraeus, Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki, Iraklio (Heraklion), and Izmir (Turkey), are visited daily by Cruise ships, ferries, and hydrofoils. The Piraeus is the port for all visits to the Greek Isles.

The Beautiful Aegean Islands

The Aegean has hundreds of islands and most of these islands belong to Greece. These islands are scattered in the Aegean Sea and while some islands like the Rhodes, Crete, Lesvos, Evvoia, Limnos, Khios, and Thasos are quite large islands, others are uninhabited and rocky islets. Many of these islands on the Aegean Sea are loosely categorized into the Sporades or Southern Sporades, Cyclades, the Northern Sporades, and the Dodecanese islands.

While cruising on the Aegean Sea on the coast of Greece and Turkey, some of the must- visit places are:

Athens (Greece) where you can visit the famous Acropolis, the ancient Agora, the Lycabettus Hill, Syntagma Square, Cape Sounion, and many more places.

Istanbul (Turkey): In this exotic city of Europe that lies in the crossroads between Asia and Europe, you can visit numerous churches, minarets, and mosques.

Visiting the other part of the world is always tempting and holds a charm that cannot be replaced by any other activity. Especially for people, who love to travel, visiting the Aegean Sea will be a never to forget experience and will tingle your memory for the rest of your life. And there are many people who find the Aegean so addictive, they take multiple trips to this part of the Mediterranean.

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