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Barcelona Cruises have numerous sites to show and many cuisines for you to savor

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. This city has been an all time favorite of cruise lovers. Thankfully, the economic downturn didn't eclipse the spirit of the place that is full of architectural marvels, rich culture, magnificent art, and delicious food.

Cruising to Barcelona has been on the rise giving more strength to the region's revenue generation from tourism. Today, Barcelona is an important cruise destination and many tours either begin or end in this port. As for cruises which do not have Barcelona as the starting or ending port, they still make it a point to include this popular port in their itinerary.

Barcelona cruises are not only loved by the tourists but tour operators too. In April 2010 Disney made the announcement that Barcelona is its place of choice to launch its weekly Disney-themed cruise known as the "Disney Magic" cruise ship. Another feather in this port's cap is the fact that it is the fourth most popular port in the world after those in the Caribbean. Port Vell is said to be the prominent port visited by leading cruise lines including the Epic, Liberty of the Seas, Ruby Princess, and Solstice.

Millions of travelers take the Barcelona route so that they can enjoy the city's amazing food, architecture, nightlife, and shopping experience. Many travelers agree that Barcelona is one of the best departure ports.

Barcelona Cruises bring to travelers a mix of the modern and the ancient

Barcelona is best known for its peculiar architecture of Antonio Gaudi, especially the famous Sagrada Familia, which is Europe's unfinished and amazing cathedral. The Old Port area of Barcelona has seen a vibrant change with many restaurants and cafes springing up in this area. The development of the Old Port is attributed to the hoisting of the Olympic Games in 1992.

From the Old Port, you can enjoy an easy stroll on the popular Las Ramblas to the Old Town. These streets are filled with entertainers, bars, and stalls and are at their best during weekends and at nights. The La Boqueria food market is another place to visit, which is popular for its rich display of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. Talking about food, you can also enjoy the Barcelonan cuisine on Barcelona cruises too. Paella is one of the specialties.

String of lovely boulevards with many attractions, shops, restaurants, cafes, flower, and souvenir shops can also be found. Other tourist attractions include the Plaza Real that is adorned with arches and palm trees, the Sea Museum that displays the marine life of the ancient Mediterranean history, Contemporary Art Museum, and the Picasso Museum. These are some of the places that you must consider visiting.

Barcelona cruises will give you an alluring mishmash of art, cosmopolitan atmosphere, lively café life, and astounding museum along with its share of vibrant nightlife. This is a place to enjoy the sunshine and the laid back lifestyle.

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