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Planning your weekend in Barcelona

With its luxurious beaches, abundance of culture, Gaudi’s whimsical creations, incredible Tapas and vibrant night-life, Barcelona offers something for every palate. You could while away an entire weekend just lazing on the beach or drinking in the sights but given Barcelona’s wealth of treasures, you would be well advised to plan your trip in advance.

Central Barcelona alone proffers more than enough to fill up your weekend in Barcelona. Strolling down La Rambla, taking in its many attractions, hours go by like a few minutes. Stray off La Rambla into the Barri Gottic on your left and you could spend a couple of delightful hours following narrow medieval streets opening up into scattered but beautiful squares.

Cultural enthusiasts will find themselves planning a second trip to Barcelona before they have completed the first. Leave aside works of genius like the Sagrada Familia, or the elegant stained glasses of the Plau de la Musica or even Gaudi’s houses, just walking in the streets of central Barcelona is a pleasure. Several museums are also up on offer, Museu de Picasso, Fundacio Joan Miro and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya being some of the top choices. Choose wisely for each deserves atleast two hours of your time and Barcelona is one city where you do not want to be locked away indoors all the time.

If a cloud of pampering and indulgence brought you to spend the weekend in Barcelona, there are some wonderful luxury and spa hotels on offer and there’s nothing like the high-end shops in glamorous Passeig De Gracia to put you in the mood to toss about your Euros. If you are short on cash, skip the shopping but do take time to promenade arm in arm with your companion down the wide sidewalks of the avenue, admiring its wonderful architecture, the curvaceous ironwork street lamps, Gaudi’s La Pedrera and Casa Battlo and the busy cafes serving up Tapas and coffees to the many visitors.

Either on La Rambla or on Passeig de Gracia, take a break at one of the outdoor cafes and sample the local cuisine. The mini-sized servings of Tapas and the bite sized Pintxos offer a dizzying variety of dishes and will be particularly appealing to sea-food lovers. The rice based Paella is well complemented by the delicious wine drink Sangria while churros dipped in thick hot chocolate is recommended for a mid-morning or late afternoon snack.

Any length of time, even a weekend in Barcelona may seem incomplete without a visit to the beaches. Barceloneta is closest to the city and therefore the most popular beach. If you are looking for something less crowded, Mar Bella and Icaria are excellent as well. If planned well, you could balance the sight-seeing along with a spell on the beach quite nicely.

As the sun goes down and the museums shut doors, some may consider the day ended but for Barcelona, it is just beginning. Streets are crowded with cafes, pubs and restaurants and you will have no difficulty in finding a place that suits your mood or taste for the evening perfectly.

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