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Bari Itlay Port and Attractions

Bari, Italy is a more than two thousand years old principal harbor. It is a charismatic city lying on the coast of Adriatic and is the administrative and commercial capital of Puglia in Italy. This economically vibrant place is the second largest economic center, after Naples, of Southern Italy.

In the ancient times when the Romans had arrived at Bari, Italy, it was already a thriving center and later became the official destination of Byzantine governor of Southern Italy. It is also an important place of pilgrimage as the remains of St. Nicholas is found here. The King of Naples in 1813 expanded the city giving it what it is now--a pattern of gridded street, piazzas, and wide avenues. Mussolini then added a university leaving behind trail of Fascist architecture. Unfortunately, Bari was bombed in 2nd World War, but the city today shows no sign of the destruction it went through. This speaks about the zeal of the city for commercial growth. Furthermore,the huge investment in redeveloping the city has given Bari the look and status it has now.

Fortunately despite the bombing, the medieval buildings and other remains are still there making Bari a place of historical significance as well. This commercial hub is one of the most prosperous cities in Southern Italy and has numerous dining and shopping options for you. So doing some gift shopping here will not be a bad idea.

What tourists can experience in Bari Landmarks in Italy

  • One of the most important places for tourists and pilgrims to visit in Bari is church that was built around 1087 and 1197, Basilica di San Nicola. After the remains of St. Nicholas were recovered from Turkey, a place was needed to keep the remains safe. It was then that this church was designed to shield the remains. The 12th century throne or cathedra of Elias of the bishop, which is known for its unique sculptor, is also present in the Basilica.
  • Exploring the expansive Castello Normanno-Svevo is another pleasurable experience. While you are visiting, you will also see displays of 12th and 13th century Romanesque sculptures in a permanent gallery called the Gipsoteca.
  • You can also visit a castle with a prism of octagonal or eight sides along with octagonal bastion on every corner. The Castel Del Monte has a courtyard with eight sides at the center and eight rooms on each floor.

The taste of Bari, Italy

If you are a pasta fan, Bari's ear-shaped pasta or orecchiette will definitely impress you. Being an important fish port, you can also dine on various sea foods--Octopus, fresh fish, mussels, and sea urchins are important part of the local cuisine. And not to forget, the delicious rice with mussels and potatoes, Riso, patate e cozze is another popular dish you should try.

Bari, Italy also has a huge array of shops and you will get almost everything that you want.

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