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BlueStar Ferries and its role in Greek tourism

The navigation system in Greece has undergone a positive change with more vessels being made and the improved services of the ferries. Ferries in Greece play a very important role because they need to be at the service of more than 16 million people who visit Greece every year. Again, tourists are not the only criterion because the local people of the island require the service of the ferries too. For many years because of extreme weather conditions, bad ferry transportation, and insufficient schedules, people of the small islands went through a lot of trouble while commuting to different islands. This is the reason why many ferry companies are putting an effort to connect the smaller islands with the bigger ones and also to the major Greek towns like Athens. Blue Star Ferries is one such company that is trying to do its part in making the connection strong within all the islands.

Bluestar ferries have developed a good transportation avenue with the developed routes like Piraeus and popular islands like the Naxos, Paros, and Rhodes along with other isolated islands like the Astypalea,Tilos, and Kastelorizo .

Why you should choose Blue Star Ferries

If you are wondering about the ferry company you should choose to take you to popular Greek destinations, or if you are contemplating whether you should go for a smaller or bigger ferry company, this article will help you decide.

Bluestar ferries operate ferry connections between Italy and Greece in the Adriatic Sea. There are daily connections on the Patras - Igoumenitsa – Corfu – Bari routes and Patras - Igoumenitsa – Ancona routes. The duration of the journey is about a day or two and many tourists having voiced a pleasant experience ferrying with Blue Star Ferries.

Features of Blue Star Ferries

While sailing with Bluestar Ferries, you will have access to Internet, entertainment, shopping, and complete facilities that make the journey very pleasant.

During the peak tourist season between April and October, camp lovers can also enjoy camping onboard. This also helps in saving money and many people opt for it to save on the cabin charges--while camping people use their vehicles, or motor homes instead of booking expensive cabins. Whether you book a cabin or camp onboard, Blue Star Ferries do not discriminate and provide full service along with power outlets at no cost on the ship.
Whether it is from Greece to Paris or domestic locations in Greece, Bluestar Ferries make the vacation a very memorable event.

Blue Star Ferries also offer a lot of discounts and deals that reduces the ferry ticket price.
  • For families of 3-4 members in a cabin, they are eligible for 10% discount.
  • Members of ADAC auto club enjoy a 25% discount.
  • 50% discount is given to infants below 4 years of age.
  • If you own an electric or hybrid car, you will be eligible for 50% discount.
  • All senior tourists are eligible for 10% discount.

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