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Know about the beautiful Brindisi, Italy

Brindisi, and we are not talking about the Musical Brindisi here, is a city in Italy off the Adriatic Sea coast. This city has been known as the Gateway to the East from the time the ancient history prevailed, was an important port for the merchants of Venice, but before that for the Roman troops. Even today Brindisi, Italy serves as an important commercial and tourist port connecting to and from different countries.

Because of the mild climate, you can holiday in this place until autumn. The shoreline is low and sandy and is an important holiday destination. A well-known spa facility and the natural areas of the region work to enhance tourism on the coastal strip of Brindisi, Italy. The city still has the faint fragrance of the ancient history. The beauty of the city is exemplified with vineyards, olive groves, and multihued orchards along with cultivated lands alternate giving a mosaic of colors and are only disrupted by the sporadic clearings and roads. Ancient villages also grace this place and are dictated by watchtowers and fortresses that tell the story of the Angevin domination and Frederick II of Swabia. Existence of the prehistoric Messapian civilization in the prehistoric times is also evident here.

What all you can see in Brindisi, Italy

Ostuni is a beautiful city that is basking against the backdrop of whitewashed old town, narrow passages, and the green of the olive trees. Along the coast you will find the beautiful sandy beaches gazing at the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. To the north of this city, you will find the WWF Oasis of Torre Guaceto, one of the important natural areas of the region. This region is the hideout of the marine plants, along with snipes, nightingales, and amphibians.

Findings dating back to the Roman age can be seen in the archeological site of Egnazia. More ancient remnants are also seen here. A tour in the small towns of San Vito Normanno, Mesagne, Francavilla, Ceglie Messapica, and Fontana display treasures of history and art of an era long forgotten.

Adults along with children will enjoy a visit to Italy's largest wildlife park. The lush Mediterranean vegetation has given a free reign to animals like giraffes, tigers, lions, antelopes, bison, camels, etc. that roam around free around the park.

The spas of Torre Canne offer beauty treatments and healing therapies to renew psychological and physical balance.

For snorkeling and sea watching, just visit one of the dark blue to emerald green waters, or you can also have a shot at yoga.

Ostuni is also a place where many cultural festivities take place like the folklore and musical events.

Taste of Brindisi, Italy

Fish is the main element in their cuisine and oysters, urchins, swordfish steaks, grouper, blue fish, sea bass are prepared in the local tradition and served with seasonal vegetables like asparagus, mushrooms, broad beans, cicerchia, and wild vegetables.

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