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Camp Nou Barcelona

If you are a football fan visiting Barcelona, no way can your trip be complete without a pilgrimage to Camp Nou, home ground of the reigning European football team FC Barcelona since 1957. If your trip coincides with an upcoming home game and you can spring for a ticket (which is no mean feat, tickets to an El Clasico game can cost you anywhere from €100-€250 a pop), then go for a game! There is truly no experience comparable to watching an FC Barcelona game at the home stadium. The air at Camp Nou is nothing short of electrifying and the packed stadium, at a current 99,354 seating capacity, can be an incredibly awe-inspiring sight.

If you are aren’t lucky enough to catch a game, a visit to the stadium and the Museu del Futbol Club Barcelona are top class experiences as well. A tour of the Camp Nou begins in the Museum – highlights are the trophy room, an interactive display of the Club’s history and the temporary exhibition section. Visitors can learn about the Club’s incredible past, learn about the Club’s Anthem, Colors and Crest and find out the truth behind the Club’s slogan “More than a Club” and it’s symbolism to the people of Catalonia.

The tour then continues to the press room, the away team changing rooms (the home team’s rooms are unfortunately off limits), takes you into the stadium through the same tunnel that the players pass through, opens out onto the pitch, continues to the international press box, pauses in the Multimedia section and winds up in the FC Barcelona official gift boutique. By this point, even the uninitiated will begin appreciating that to the people of Barcelona, football is not just a game, it’s a religion!

Some of the memorable moments of the tour are standing out on the player’s pitch and appreciating just how grand the museum is. The Multimedia area is quite an experience as well; the recorded audiovisuals of the Barca anthem, sound bytes from the games and shots of legendary goals help you virtually sense key moments of a live game at Camp Nou. The gift shop is going to be irresistible for fans of the FC Barcelona team as it offers all the official team merchandise along with custom souvenirs like a team jersey with your numbers and name – walk in with a budget though or you may find yourself spending your life’s savings in there!

The Camp Nou visit is not a guided tour so you can linger at exhibits and take your time around the exhibits. Audio guides are included in the ticket price (€22 for adults, €16.50 for children aged 6-13) and are available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Dutch. Budget atleast 3 hours for the visit, though football enthusiasts have been known to spend much longer here!

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