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Reasons why Canary Island Cruises are so popular

Canary island cruises are one of the most popular cruise destinations or ports of call and are mostly initiated from places like the U.K. in addition to the Dover and the Southampton ports. Because of the climate, these islands are a favorable holiday location and a paradise for vacationers. As the weather is warm and sunny almost all through the year, Canary Island cruises are also carried out all though the year.

Canary Islands or the Canaries are located on the northwest coast of mainland Africa near the Western Sahara Desert and Morocco. Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, the seven islands that make up the canary group are spread across 300 miles.

Locations the Canary Island cruises take the tourists to

While sailing to the Canary Islands, the cruise ship will also halt in other Spanish regions like Malaga, Seville, Palma, Lisbon, and Portugal.

Canary Island cruises will take you to islands like:

Tenerife: This is the largest island in the group and is home to the highest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide. Shore excursions and the ship docks in the center of the Santa Cruz town will help you leave the island behind and visit the peak of the Volcanic Mount Teide. From the top of the mountain, you will get to see the stunning view of all of the Canary islands and also look down into the crater.

Grand Canaria: This is the third largest of the Canary Islands. Before you start the shore excursion in the capital city of Las Palmas, you can enjoy the lovely 15 minutes walk to the town and the beach from the dock. The tour of the island will take you to the banana plantations, center of Bandama crater, and other tourist sights in the island. The dwelling place of Christopher Columbus before he went to the new world can also be found in this interesting island.

LaPalma: This is not a very developed island but you can still find sights to marvel at and enjoy. An island tour will help you let your hair down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful rainforest as well as be in awe of the peaks and cliffs of the volcano.

Lanzarote: This is a unique island and stands out from the rest in the group. It doesn't have luscious green flora, white sandy beaches, or many sights of beauty. Instead, the sight that will greet you is barren landscape, which is as black as the night and covered with lava flow. But you will still have something to do in this island like visiting the Timanfaya National Park and enjoying a camel ride to the top of the vibrant sand dunes.

From both ends of the sea, Canary island cruises require three days from U.K. This is the perfect reason to enjoy the unique and luxurious life onboard. If time is a constraint for you and if you do not want to sail, you can also choose "fly-in cruise" that starts from ports that are much nearer to the Canaries like Barcelona and Malaga.

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