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The Beautiful Island Kefalonia, Greece - Cephalonia, Greece

The Kefalonia Island, Cephalonia in English, is the largest of the seven Ionian Islands and is flanked by Lefkas on the north and Zakynthos to the south. The island comes to life during the tourist season as there are more people walking, partying, visiting, or relaxing.

The island is like the canvas of an artist who decided to bring the mountains, sea, and the green plains all together in one place. Whether you love stretching out on the beach or taking long walks in the midst of nature, Kefalonia will not let you down. This island has options for everyone. Therefore, if you visit this island in your hiking shoes, you can take long walks to explore the mountains that are sheathed by the green forest. On the other hand, if you love the feel of the sand on your bare feet and skin, then there are many glorious beaches to help you do that. You will be glad to know that this island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

Your gaze will not be able to have enough of the lonely white coves, the endless golden beaches, the eccentric cliffs, the superior mountains, and the ever-present monasteries and churches. When you visit this island, you will have to take a trip to the cave of the island's patron saint, St. Gerassimos, the underground lake at Mellisani, and the cave of Drongorati.

If you love green, Kefalonia Island will show you an abundance of it with olive groves spread far and wide along with the vineyards.

What you will love doing and visiting in Kefalonia, Greece

Here are just some of the many things you can do and visit.

Fiscardo: Visiting Kefalonia, Greece is never complete without visiting its quaint villages. And Fiscardo is one such village. Filled with lush, beautiful greenery, the village sees a lot of hustle and bustle with yachts and fishing boats mooring in its port.

Argostoli: This is the capital and the principal port of Cephalonia. This town is the start of your excursions on the island and is popular for its graceful architecture.

Sami:This is one of the preetiest village in Cephalonia, Greece and is close to mnay beaches.

Kefalonia Beaches

Myrtos: It is one of the famous and popular beaches of the island. If you are looking for a white-sand heaven, Myrtos is the beach for you.

Emblisi Fiskardo: This beach is close to the natural splendor of Fiscardo and gets very busy during summer. The greenery and the white pebbles attract tourists to this beach all the time.

Xi: This is one of the most popular beaches and can accommodate many, many tourists because of its vast size. The beauty of the beach only adds to the charm of its vastness.

Cephalonia Caves

Melissani Cave: The walk through the underground path to the entrance of the cave sets the mood for the boat ride of the cave.

Drogarati Cave: This cave is said to be at least 150 million years old and is known for its large chamber which lies 150 feet below the ground level wth the capacity to accommodate 500 people.

Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi: The lighthouse of this saint has been breathing the air of Kefalonia ,Greece since 1828 and was built by the British.

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