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The City of Constanta in Romania

Constanta is the oldest city of Romana and has been on the map since 600 B.C and basks on the Black Sea (western coast). Constanta, Romania is not only the oldest but also the largest city of the Constanta county and after Bucharest, this city is Romania's second largest metropolitan city as well as the country's largest sea port. According to legend, it is said that after finding the Golden Fleece, Jason landed in this city, then called Tomis, with the astronauts. The history of this city goes further to say that after being founded in the 6th century B.C. by the Greek colonists ( Miletos), the Romans conquered it in 71 B.C. As a tribute to the Roman Emperor, Constantine's sister, the city was renamed Constantiana. This name was further shortened in the Ottoman era to Constanta.

On the world map, this city is Europe's fourth largest or principal port. Today Constanta, Romania holds a lot of treasure for tourists as it is an important economic and cultural center and boasts of archaeological marvels like the grand casino, historical monuments, museums, and ancient ruins. Because the city lies near to the beach resorts, it has become a popular tourist destination in the Black Sea.

The marvels found in Constanta, Romania

Some of the Spectacular architectural wonders seen here are:

The Roman Mosaics: Only one-third of the vast three-level complex is seen today that once joined the harbor to the upper town. In the 7th century, Constanta, Romana was the commercial hub with warehouses, workshops, and shops adorning this place.

Ovidiu's Square: This is the beautiful statue of Ovidius Publius Naso -the Roman poet- and was sculpted in 1887 by Ettore.

The other wonders that you can see here are the Genoese Lighthouse, the Casino, The House with Lions, St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral and many more.

The museums have a rich display of paintings, sculptures, upholstery, folk costumes, household items, traditional pheasant homes, sculptors made by Ion Jalea, artifacts from different civilizations, and so on. Some of these museums are National History & Archeology Museum, Ion Jalea Museum, Art Museum, and Folk Art Museum.

The other attractions that you can enjoy in Constanta, Romania are the summer resorts that are known today by the names of the mythological deities and the gold-sand beaches. One of the popular resorts is called the Mamaia located three miles from Constanta (north), and is extensively used even by the local population for their getaway. It has a constricted expanse of fine sand between the Lake of Milk or Lake Siutghiol and the Black Sea with a fine array of casinos, hotels, sports facilities (biking, beach games, tennis, and water sports), restaurants, and nightclubs.

If you like you can enjoy the day in the Aqua Magic Park or the beach and also have the benefit of looking at the magnificent Black Sea from a cable car known as Telegondola. In between Constanta and Mamaia you will come across the amusement park called Satul de Vacanta that has bowling alleys, outdoor bazaar, various rides, and many restaurants.

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