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Corfu Island, the Island you cannot not visit!

The second largest of the Ionian Islands and located in the North Western side, Corfu Island is one of the most visited islands in Greece. The astounding natural beauty arrests the heart of every visitor and instills a craving to visit it again. The island's rich culture and gripping beauty has made it a must-visit island in Greece. The history of this island is evident in every area of this breathtakingly beautiful place.

The places to visit in the island of Corfu are the ruined towers and the two fortresses in Corfu city. The city also reflects the Italian influence that visited the Corfu Island over the years. Some of the architecture of the city reflects this.

For a lover of the greens, Paleokastritsa is another place to visit, which is deservedly popular for caves, mountains, and lush greenery. Tourism has touched the northern and central side of the island of Corfu more than the other sides. The southern part is more rustic with the charm of the traditional villages.

Although the beaches in the Corfu Island are not of the size as you would expect, the crystal clear water and the lush-green environment makes it a worthwhile visit. The island is a rendezvous with fun as well as tranquility. On one side you have water sports and beach bars to keep you entertained, on the other you can have your quite and relaxing time near the ocean.

The island of Corfu is divided into three district based on the landscape--the low lying south, mountainous north, and the undulating central. The island has abundant of vineyards and olive groves, thereby producing olive and wine oil. In recent years, the island has become an important port for olive trade.

Moving around

The island has only two roads--the Greek National 24 and 25.Apart from the road, you also have access to ferries of high speed. Within the island, bus services are available to commute between different cities like the Roda, Glyfada, Sidari, and others.

Corfu Island -The Island of mysteries, rich history, and abundant greenery

Island of Corfu has its peak summer weather in July and August and in general has a warm climate. This is the greenest island as compared to other islands in Greece, thanks to the winter rain and dry summer.

The island has bathed in mysteries, myth, legend, and is filled with remnants of battle and conquest in the form of palaces and castles. The Achilleion is one of the most popular palaces. It is built on the theme of Achilles and is filled with statues and paintings of this great Greek historic idol.

Spread across the island, you will also find holy grails for churches, monuments, and libraries of different eras.

A visit is never complete without having more than a taste of the local food. Many cake shops and local restaurants in the island offer great delicacies that pamper the taste buds - The local Corfu beer is known as Ginger Beer and one of the local delicacies is called the Mantoles - almonds teased with caramel coating.

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