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The island that stretches farthest than the rest in Greece: The Crete Island

Nestled as the largest Island of Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, Crete Island is also the most populous of the Greek islands. Intriguingly, it is the place where the earliest civilization of Greece, the Minoan, started between 2600-1400 BC. The history of the island happened 4600 years ago. The remnants of the Minoan architecture at Knossos and Phaistos are the two very well-known structures that draw the tourists.

A significant glimpse of the Cretan history is also seen in the archaeological sites like the Rethymno, Samaria Gorge, and Gortys. Heraklion, the capital City of Crete Island, attracts 15 percent of the tourist.

The island of Crete doesn't only possess the secrets of the ancient civilization but also rich fauna and flora that makes this place a paradise on earth. Crete island is divided into four major areas: Lassithi, Rethymno, Chania, and Heraklion.

The marine life is another part of Crete's majestic beauty along with great hospitality and inviting sea beaches. The beauty of the untamed beaches along with welcoming sea resorts give a tourist what he or she desires for in a vacation.

If you love outdoor activities, trekking in the mountain is another fun activity that can keep you in love with the island. Some of the most arresting natural beauties are found in the Cretan Gorges that ends to the sea but begins at the mountains. These gorges have the rarest of flora and fauna and some of the rare species include the wildflowers, cypress trees, pine trees, etc.

Tourism is one of the main sources of employment in the island of Crete with opportunity brimming in the marine operations, airlines, and hotels.

What the island of Crete has in store for you

One of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Crete is most sought after for its sandy beaches, dreamy ambience, and great hotels. Remnants of the Minoan civilization, Turkish mosques, convoluted monasteries, huge Venetian fortresses, mountainous villages, sandy beaches, and mythological caves is what that has made this island what it is.

The Cretan people have held on to their rich culture and tradition despite the boom in tourism in this island. The ferocity with which they kept a grip on their root and their pride in who they are makes the island even more appealing. Unfortunately, it's the younger generation that is getting separated from their tradition. The Cretans are also a talented lot and are well-known for their music.

In Cretan you will always enjoy the Cretan cuisine, which is mostly a concoction of spices and aromatic herbs.

If you are looking for a location to escape the chores of everyday life, the stress, the cut-throat competition, Crete Island is the perfect retreat for you. The warm people, the exotic beauty, the diverse flora and fauna, the ethereal beaches, and the intriguing history will transport to another world, a world you will enjoy and look forward to visiting every time.

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