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Croatia Attractions

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This country, in the form of a horse shoe, was founded in the 7th century, when the Croats settled in the Balkans and formed 2 principalities: Dalmatia and Panonia. In the 12th century it joined the Hungarian Kingdom, and after the battle from Mohacs, was under the reign of the Habsburg monarchy. It’s history is full of battles, but finally proclaimed its independence in 1995.

Artistically, throughout history, the Croats were influenced by many currents, many of them seen even today : Saint Donatus’ church in Zadar, built in the 9th century under Roman influence is one of the most complex construction; the cities of Small and Big Stone, and the wall separating them, spread for several kilometers, were built in Gothic style.

UNESCO proclaimed 6 sites in Croatia as part of the World Heritage treasures: Euphrasia Basilica’s Episcopal complex in Porec, Saint Jacobs Cathedral in Sibenik, the historic town of Trogir, Split’s historic center with Diocletian’s Palace, the city of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice lakes.

dubrovnik panorama National Geographic’s Adventure magazine proclaimed Croatia as 2006’s Travel Destination. And for a good you can find anything from the seaside to the mountains.

 Mountain-climbers will feel right at home in Lika and Gorski Kotar (as part of the Alps), water-sport lovers will be thrilled by the Adriatic seaside, nature-lovers will be charmed by the national parks, and those who seek adventures will have the possibility to explore the Brion islands.

The Croat cuisine is highly heterogenic, as the country is a multi-regioned one. The mainland cuisine has influences from the Viennese, Hungarian and Turkish cuisine, while the seaside regions, from Greek, Italian and French cuisine (the first Croat cookbook contains 544 recipes).

So, if you want to swim in the Adriatic sea, or marvel the Alps, discover the spirit of medieval history, then Croatia is the perfect place for you!

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