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Cruises from Barcelona

Barcelona, being Catalonia’s capital, is situated in the heart of Spain. As well as being welcoming to very many holiday makers itself with its cultural history and famous football club it also has a history of being quite controversial and fascinating when it comes to its interactions with other regions of Spain.

Hosting many cruises from Barcelona to Mediterranean destinations it is a place that can be interesting as either a start or end of the journey, hosting many attractions such as the Gaudi buildings and coffee stops in La Rambla where the laid-back nature of the city is in full effect. This gives the tourists an insight into the Spanish lifestyle that attracts many. Of course for football fans there is also the Camp Nou stadium for them to visit which has itself a history with its home team being one of the most successful in European history.

Most cruises from Barcelona have many ships waiting at Port Vell for the holiday makers. This has in itself become a popular tourist attraction itself featuring shopping malls, and Europe’s aquarium. Port Vell links to Las Ramblas directly which provides access to many restaurants and coffee houses that can be visited while waiting for the cruise to depart. This street also leads to the cities centre.

There are eight cruise terminals for the port all split into three locations. These are Adossat Quay, World Trade Centre Quay and Port Vell. Each of these terminals offers facilities to entertain the holiday makers until they board their ship.

Barcelona cruises are centre mainly around the Mediterranean. These include the often favourite navigation around Western Mediterranean as well as the Eastern Mediterranean cruises that also include the Greek Islands. There are other options such as Canary Islands to the west and to the further Holy Land and East Egypt. If you are feeling even more adventurous there is also trips to the Gulf States through Suez Canal.

When taking a cruise that originates from Barcelona its likely holiday makers will take some time to explore Barcelona itself. As well as areas already mentioned like La Rambla there are is also the gothic area of the city called Barri Gothic which is popular because of its old-world feel. With narrow streets filled with bars, shops, galleries and restaurants it is also known for the Museu Picasso featuring artwork by Picasso. Also of interest is La Sagrada Familia, the iconic church of Barcelona.

As a port Barcelona is a gateway to places in the Mediterranean offering the holiday goer access to such places as the Canary Islands, Egypt, the Greek Islands, the Holy Lands and the Gulf States. With a history and beauty all of its own it offers plenty of entertainment for people waiting to start their cruises and has a diversity ranging from modern entertainment to more cultural attractions such as the art of Picasso even ranging to the sports with its famous football team and stadium.

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