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Cruises to Egypt may turn out to be an experience of a lifetime as you get to feel the Egyptians civilization very closely.

If, by any chance, you are planning to spend your holidays in a memorable and long lasting way, then a cruise to Egypt is certainly not a bad option. People from all over the world pay a visit to this land of beauty and enjoy the true colors of life by feeling a sense of old civilization this place possess. There are lots of places in Egypt to visit where you can relax and enjoy in the real sense. Every place has its own flavor and each place serves you in a different way.

If you have plans to just sit back, relax and have a visit to river Nile may be one of the best options. Here cruises normally take 7 to 14 days. It all depends upon how much you can afford and how much time you have to enjoy this river which has absolutely no limits to enjoy but the fact remains that this choice would not turn out to be a source of fatigue or a regret. In fact, it will glow your face with joy. The Nile is the best place if you would really want to appreciate several temples and tombs situated along the banks of the river. You will get to know the lifestyle of the people living there which may give you an idea of how ancient Egyptians had lived their lives.

Along the Nile, a visit to Tutankhamen’s tomb won’t be a bad idea. This tomb is located at the valley of kings. Nearby, you can also visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut which is located in the valley of queen’s. Egyptians temple of Edfu is also situated there which by now is considered the most persevered temple. It is dedicated to the god Horus. Horus used to be a symbol of power.

Another famous place and a great tourist attraction is Obelisk in Aswan. You will know the art of working with stones ancient Egyptians used to do after you visit this beautiful and historical site. Philae temple is another place to visit which was actually built in the memory of Isis. Isis is known to be the mother of Horus. She symbolized magic and nature.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt is the temple of Abu Simbel. Tourists from all over the world believe this place a must watch and visit because of its beauty and uniqueness. It has now been declared as part of the UNESCO world heritage site. This place has two massive rock temples making this place among one of the most beautiful places in Egypt.

Places You Might Not Want to Miss during your cruise to Egypt

Cruises to Egypt can take you to countless sites and places that are a true reflection of Egyptian Civilization. These cruises may take you to a lot of places but it is always advisable to have a complete homework before you pay a visit to Egypt so that you may not meet a chance to miss any of these beautiful places.

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