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Disney Mediterranean Cruise

Disney cruise lines are now offering three different Disney Mediterranean cruise packages for families from all over the world. As Disney cruise is a great vacation idea for any family and when you combine it with the historic culture of the coasts of Europe you have planned a vacation of a lifetime.

Mediterranean cruises for families

If you are looking into one of the Disney Mediterranean cruise packages you can choose from three. The first is a 10 night Mediterranean cruise. This includes city stops such as Barcelona, Rome, Marseilles and the French Riviera. This Disney Mediterranean cruise package allows 8 hours per day for excursions on shore at many of these different historical cities so you can see everything and anything you wish on your Disney vacation. This particular package ships out during the summer months only.

You can also choose the 11 night Disney Mediterranean cruise package. This package includes ports of call such as the romantic city of Rome all the way to the grand casinos in Monte Carlo. You get a larger range of experience and culture with the 11 day cruise but you must be willing to invest more in your family vacation.

The Disney Mediterranean cruise packages are incredibly affordable and the perfect way to create a fun trip for your children while experiencing culture and romance that you can find nowhere else in the world. Aboard the ship your children can enjoy many of the fun Disney World style activities and play with their favourite characters as well. You will experience fine dining and entertainment to keep you occupied during days at sea, although the Disney Mediterranean cruise packages only occupy one full day at sea.

The Disney Mediterranean cruise packages can be booked online, through the Disney Cruise website or you can go through your reliable travel agencies to ensure you are booking everything correctly. The combination of Disney and the culture of the Mediterranean coast is something you have to do once in your life.

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