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A look into the important city of Durres Albania

Durres is a very significant city for Albania--It is the second largest and also an economically important city. This city also houses the country's main port, Port of Durres. It has a strong historic standing with 27 centuries of continuous inhabitation and is also one of the oldest cities of Albania. Like other Mediterranean places, the city has dry and hot summers and cool winters.

The city of Durres is one of the oldest cities not just in Albania but the whole of Europe and was established by the ancient Greeks. Durres' port is around 300 kms from the port of Bari and 200 kms from the port of Brindisi.

While visiting this exciting port, some of the important buildings to visit are the main library, Museum of History, Archaeological Museum, and the Ahmet Zogu's Villa of Durres.

Important places to visit in Durres in Albania

Now let's look into some of the important places to visit.
The Roman Amphitheater: This is one of the most spectacular and most visited sights in Durres, Albania. Built in the 2nd century AD by the Romans, it could hold up to 20,000 people. In the present time, only half of the amphitheater is visible while the remaining is still buried. This is one of the largest amphitheaters in the Balkan Peninsula.

Ahmet Zogu's Villa of Durres: This villa was used as the summer house of Duress' King Zogu. It is set on a hill giving a great view of the sea from three sides. After World War II, the Vila was used as a guest house for many communist leaders. The unrest of Albania in 1997 led to the wreckage of the interior of the palace.

Apart from these, the other places to visit are the main library, the puppet theatre, the cultural center, Estrada Theater, and the Philharmonic orchestra. A visit to any location cannot be complete without museums and Durres definitely has few of those. The important museums to visit include the Museum of History, the Archaeological Museum, and the Villa Durazzo.

Beaches: The Durres Beach is the largest beach in Durres, Albania and is a popular getaway not only for the tourists but also for the local people. Streams of hotels, resorts, restaurants, holiday villas, bars, and nightclubs are spread out near the beach. Durres is also a good site for yachting.

The modern city of Durres has places like theaters and cultural center. You will also see remnants of the communal era in the form of concrete bunkers scattered in Durres and along the beach. The objective was to protect the place from foreign invasion but interestingly, the attack never came.

If you have the zeal to visit different places in the world which have their own stories to tell, you can include Durres, Albania in your list and have a great vacation here.

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