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The beautiful island of Elba, Italy

In Italy there is a small island in Tuscany also known as Ilva. We are talking about the island of Elba which is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia in Italy and the largest in the Italian peninsula. The island's natural beauty, the pristine-white sand beaches, the aquamarine waters to the mountainous regions, picturesque woodlands, and the desert plains make it a favored tourist destination.

The island of Elba and its neighboring waters are the prominent residents of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The all coves and capes coastline of Elba, Italy is the home to almost hundred beaches. A variety of birds like the raven, red swallow, red partridge, and rock thrush have made this island their natural habitat.

The island also has many quaint villages like the Capoliveri, Marciana, Rio Marino, Cavo, and Porto Azzurro, which are attractions in their own rights.

Sites and attractions in Elba, Italy

Elba, Italy has medieval towers, Gothic cathedrals, nice churches, and many other natural and man-made spectacles. Elba can give you a peaceful vacation with enough to do that will keep you engaged and not tire you out.

Palazzina di Caccia di Stupining

One of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy is the hunting residence of Stupinigi in northern Italy. This royal hunting lodge was built in 1729 by Filippo Juvarra and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The word Stupingini comes from a suburb called Stupingini. The structure has a saltire layout with four angled wings projecting from the oval-shaped main hall.

The building today houses a museum known as the Museo di Arte e Ammobiliamento which displays the furnishings and art of Venaria Reale and Moncalieri as well as some of the palazzina original.

You can experience much of the essence of Alba while walking down Via Cavour and
Via Vittorio Emanuele where you will find an array of cafes/restaurants, gourmet food stores, clothing stores, etc.

The other places of attraction in Alba, Italy includes the Piazza Risorgimento, Cathedral San Lorenzo. For a taste of the food market, you can make a visit to Piazza E. Pertinace where you can have a feel of the organic food that is set up every Saturday.

The medieval hilltop towns and the sweeping vineyards are sites that distinguishes Alba from many other places.

International White Truffle Fair

Alba, Italy holds the International White Truffle Fair and is carried out in such a large scale that the fair continues for many weekends in Autumn. If you visit Alba, Italy during this time, you can buy souvenirs, art objects, and food from the International White Truffle Fair. One of the highlights of this fair is the sought-after tuber that is used by goutmet chefs worldwide. Adding to the charm of the fair are the donkey races, varities of food, and other events. You can take some truffles home and also savor some of the truffle dishes.

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