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Fred Olsen Cruises: What it brings to you

Based in U.K. and Norwegian owned, Fred. Olsen Cruises is a cruise shipping line with four ships namely Balmoral, Black Watch, Boudicca, and Braemar. The company in owned by Bonheur and Ganger Rolf and the headquarters are in U.K., Ipswich, and Suffolk. The company has been functioning since 1848. When onboard you should not expect anything flashy but definitely striking and comfortable, and Fred. Olsen Cruises will give you the experience of British cruising.

The ambience on the ship is relaxed and friendly and the cruise line takes pride in the fact that the service rendered is consistent as expected by the passengers--this is true for both onshore and onboard experiences. The activities on the ship are more traditional although it is carried out on a smaller scale as compared to the huge American ships. Most of the passengers enjoy the crew show and the theme nights.

You can choose to sail on Fred. Olsen Cruises for a short four-night mini cruise to longer cruises ranging between 7 nights to 78 nights. Another advantage of this cruise ship is that the itineraries are not repeated within the cruise season.

What Fred. Olsen Cruises has to offer


If there are any special dietary considerations, the cruise line will take care of it provided you inform them three to four weeks in advance. Along with the vegetarian selections, high quality seafood and fish dishes are also offered apart from meat. The quality of the food is above average. The wine list is also quite extensive but definitely affordable. Although there is no alternative restaurant, you can still enjoy the charming British tradition--the afternoon tea--in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dress Code

During the day you can be casually dressed but the evenings demand three kinds of dresses--casual, informal, and formal. Many men on board prefer dressing up for dinner and opt for regular jackets and tie on informal nights and a black tie on formal nights.


Beauty saloons, spas, and fitness centers are present in all the ships. There are options for older passengers like the "Retention Fluid," and "Arthritic treatments" in the saloon and spa sections. You can use equipments in the fitness center at no cost. If you are into a golf, you can also sign up for "tee times" while on the shore. Better still, you get free tips and advice from the resident PGD pro! Apart form these, you can also enjoy lectures on a topical subject, or learn a bridge technique under the guidance of an expert. You can also read the books from the library, or relax by the pool.

Joint social activities like cocktail parties, quizzes, and end-of-cruise prize giving are also held onboard.. For a minimal amount of money you can also enjoy some other activities like wine tasting, watercolor and hobby classes. The amount charged is for the materials used, but is nominal. The other programs you can participate in are related to photography, wine, comedy, Nordic legends, history of weather, Antiques, Dance, and Classical music.

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