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Why are French Cruises so coveted?

France is a place where romance and beauty run in a rhythmic symphony. Starting from the spectacular vineyard-covered hillside of Burgundy to the charming lavender-scented fields in Southern France; the historic towns of Normandy along with the idyllic landscape and beaches that dot the countryside with immeasurable beauty are places that cannot be missed. And added to his rustic beauty is the cosmopolitan view of Paris with its appealing cafes, amazing museums, and the broad boulevards. France is a place that never fails in astounding the visitors, nor is the pleasure ever tainted when visiting this exciting country. Although the country can be enjoyed in a number of ways, none equals the pleasure French cruises bring.

On French cruises you can look forward to a cruise experience that is filled with exquisite cuisines and abundant with natural beauty and radiance.

Ports that are located on the southeast coast of France are generally included in Western Mediterranean itineraries. The breathtakingly beautiful places include the charming town in the French Riviera called the Villefranche. This town serves the entryway to Nice, Monte Carlo, and Cannes. For great seafood, Marseilles is the place to visit which is also very popular for fascinating Old Port or Vieux Port. This city is also the starting point of excursions in vineyards and villages in Provence. Tourists can then travel from The Vendres Port to Collioure whose pretty harbor with brightly-colored fishing boats are an attraction and also visit Banyuls to taste its sweet wine.

On Northern European cruise itineraries, you will be able to visit the cities along France's Atlantic Coast and the English Channel. From Le Havre and Cherbourg, you can visit the memorials and beaches of Normandy. Le Havre is also the gateway to Paris. You will also be able to visit Mont Saint Michel, an arresting citadel rising from tidal flats from Saint-Malo. Bordeaux will take you on an enchanting excursion to close by wine chateaux.

Northern Europe cruises include ports on the west coast of France while France's Southeast coast is covered on the Western Mediterranean cruises. Although the major cruise season is from April to August in the Mediterranean, some ships cruise all through the year.

If your port of departure is a far from your starting point, it is advised that you reach the port a day or two ahead of your cruise. Many of the cruise lines offer hotel packages for pre cruise activities.

French cruises help you explore France in the chic way France is popular for

Cruising the rivers and canals of France and Europe is a remarkable experience, even better than the relaxing train ride to different French locations. The cruise lines and barges are designed for your utmost comfort with excellent cuisine, wine, and an ambiance that assures luxury, relaxation, rest, and as much activity as you want. Shore destinations are an absolute treat and are a great way to interact with people or have fun with your own group or family.

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