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Some information on Grandeur of the Seas

The Royal Grandeur of the Seas is one of the Royal Caribbean International cruise line ships and belongs to the vision class. It is one of the Royal Caribbean's older vessels being in service since 1996. Bit when you look at the ship, there is generally no tell-tale sign of its age, which shows how well maintained the ship is. The elegant public spaces like dining room that is inspired by the Art Deco, the six-story atrium, or the flashy Palladium Theater makes it impossible to determine the age of the ship.

Life on the Grandeur of the Seas

Passengers onboard

As Grandeur of the Seas is a very family-friendly ship, you will children and adults enjoying their cruise with her. The average age of passengers is between 30 and 50 plus.

Dress code

It is a smart thing to pack a variety of dresses for the evenings. As is the case with all Royal Caribbean ships, you should have some casual clothes like the slacks and blouses and/or sundresses for the ladies and trousers and polo shirts for men. For smart casuals fill your bags with pantsuits or dresses for women and jackets for men. And finally for formal wear, cocktail dresses are the answer for women while men can dress in tuxedoes or suits and ties.

The number of formal nights depends on the duration of the cruise. On short cruises of say five nights, you may have one formal night with the rest being casual. Smart casual attire is generally asked for longer cruises. Cruises ranging between 13 and 15 nights have three formal nights while those between six to twelve nights have two formal nights. All through the day, you can happily prance around in your casuals.


Grandeur of the Seas deserves a high ranking for the quality of the food served. Passengers have the option to go with the specified mealtime or the "My Dining" option. However, to avail the My Dining option, you will have to pre-pay gratuities. There is an excellent choice of seafood and one of the best in the menu (depending on preference) are broiled lobster tail, pan-seared sea bass, shrimp with garlic, herb-crusted fillet of Atlantic cod, and mahi mahi tempura. The other meat and vegetarian dishes are also very sumptuous. Vegetarian delights include a concoction of plum tomato sauce and balsamic graze with egg plant, ziti with marinara sauce, watermelon gazpacho, etc. For the calorie conscious, you have the option of choosing lighter food even down to deserts.


Activities like towel and napkin folding are trademarks of the Royal Caribbean cruise. Other daytime activities include ice carving demonstrations, cooking, trivia, sudoku challenges, and even a backstage tour of the Palladium Theater. Bingo and art auctions are also popular onboard. You can also enjoy the the production show, a standup comedian show, acrobatic performance, and magic show among the others. Ballroom dancing is another activity that will keep you entertained, if you love to wear the dancing shoes.

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