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Most beautiful places to see on Greek cruises

Among all the beautiful destinations of the world, the Greek islands are sure to give you the pleasure of visiting some of the most beautiful islands and ports of the world. Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos are some of the outstanding, beautiful, and splendid places to visit on any vacation. These breathtaking islands are nestled in the enchanting Greek islands.

Wherever you go in Greece, whitewashed buildings, magnificent beaches, remnants of the ancient world, and a rich culture welcome you with open arms. As Greece has a very low cost of living, it is a paradise for shoppers with more to buy for a reasonable amount of money.

April/May through November is generally considered to be the best time to go on Greek cruises. The cruise duration can vary from 3 to 4 nights to 7 to 21 nights. The shorter duration cruise is generally available with the local cruise companies. Most of the renowned and bigger cruise lines include cruises in the Greek islands.

The startling island Greek cruises take their passengers to many beautiful islands including:

Corfu: Vineyards and olive orchards are a sight worth a visit in this picturesque island. Your shore excursion can also include the horse-drawn carriage tour of the Liston filled with open-air cafes and shops.

Santorini: This is one of the most famous islands in the world. The charm of this island lies in the fact that it was destruction that led to the birth of this place--volcanic eruption and is the reason for Santorini's unique half-moon shape. The height of the cliffs gives some of the breathtaking views of the Greek islands. Oia, is one of the most visited villages of Santorini and you must visit this place if you visit Santorini.

Mykonos: Exciting night life and beautiful beaches are some of the major attractions of this island. Mykonos is famous for its Greek mythology and there are many interesting places to visit.

Crete: It is the largest and among the most famous Greek islands situated in the Southern part of the Aegean Sea. If you like variety, then Crete will not disappoint you with its beaches, mountains, charming villages, rocky covers, and harbors along with a lively nightlife and delicious food.

Rhodes: This is the island of the sun and the knights - Island of knights as it was conquered by the hospitaller knights in 1309, and it is also known as the island of the sun as it receives the maximum sunlight compared to other Aegean islands. It is one of the most visited islands in Greece and is famous for its exciting beaches, nightlife, historical sites, and exciting water sports.

The reason why Greek cruises are so popular with vacationers

The beach, the sun, picturesque sites, delicious food, and quaint villages are the sparkle of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea that make Greek islands one of the favorite destinations of vacationers. And the vacation is made even more exciting and pleasurable when it is done on a cruise as it helps tourists experience and enjoy the sights much better. Therefore, it definitely is not surprising that most of the Greek cruise lines include a visit to at least some of the Greek islands in their itineraries.

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