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The Glorious Greek islands have made Greece a hot tourist destination

Greek islands are incredible for spending your vacations. Tourists enjoy the pleasant climate, the salty water, the moist air, and the scenic beauty all around. The Greek islands elevate your spirit, and enhance your experience of a vacation. Vacationers will definitely love the beaches and enjoy a comfortable vacation without any hassles and unlimited fun. Apart from the beaches, you will definitely enjoy the well-preserved ancient Greek architecture like the Parthenon monument and many more places of attraction.

As Wikipedia describes it, depending on the definition of island there are 1200 to 6,000 islands in Greece. And out of those 6,000 only 227 are inhabited by people. And even more interesting is the fact that out of these 227 inhabited islands, only 78 of them have a population of more than 100 people! This makes Greece even more enchanting and draws people to it.

Places to visit in the Greek islands

Crete is the largest island is Greece in terms of area. It is situated on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. This island is also most diverse in habitat--beautiful beaches with palm trees, mountain peaks, and lush flora. There is something for everyone in this island--beach, mountains, or evergreen landscape. Along with the scenic beauty are the vibrant night clubs, beautiful beaches, the inviting water, hiking in shaded trails, shopping, and dinning that makes this island a favorite tourist spot.

Santorini is most visited because it is one of the most beautiful of all the islands. Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea with quaint villages perched perilously on the volcanic cliffs looking down directly at the water below. Volcanoes are what made this island what it is today. It is an ideal place for tourists as well as historians and archaeologists.

Corfu: Vineyards and olive orchards are a sight worth a visit in this picturesque island. Your shore excursion can also include the horse-drawn carriage tour of the Liston filled with open-air cafes and shops.

Mykonos: Exciting night life and beautiful beaches are some of the major attractions of this island. Mykonos is famous for its Greek mythology and there are many interesting places to visit.

Rhodes: This is the island of the sun and the knights--Island of knights as it was conquered by the hospitaller knights in 1309, and it is also known as the island of the sun as it receives the maximum sunlight compared to other Aegean islands. It is one of the most visited islands in Greece and is famous for its exciting beaches, nightlife, historical sites, and exciting water sports.

Every island of Greece is unique in its own right with distinctive histories, breathtaking sites, and an experience different than the other, but equally wonderful. There are very few places on earth where the culture is as rich and the food and wine as scrumptious as they are in these isles.

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