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Flying off Jerusalem can be fulfilling in terms of a religious itinerary but taking Holy Land cruises makes up for an unmatched experience which is nowhere else to be found.

Jerusalem, although not internationally recognized as such, is the capital of Israel. In this part of the world, the three Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are rooted here. The city’s topography has had it placed in the Judean Mountains which share border with the northern end of the Dead Sea as well as with the Mediterranean Sea thus making Holy Land cruises possible. Jerusalem is the largest city of Israel both in terms of population and size and has grown considerably. Most of the religious sites and archeological wonders of the city are situated inside the Old City.

Even though the religious importance of Jerusalem, or the Holy Land, extends only as far as 1000BCE to the Kingdom of Israel, the oldest part of the city is believed to have been inhabited around 4000 BCE which makes it one of the oldest inhabitations of the world. All throughout its history, this Holy Land has been destroyed, captured, recaptured, besieged and attacked several times and today, Jews, Christians and Muslims; all have their religious histories deeply attached to this part of the world. Over a holiday¸ cruising down the Mediterranean and reaching the Holy Land can be a truly mesmerizing experience.

All Possible Itineraries:
If you are interested in one such trip, you can check out the nearest travel desk or get some help online. There are numerous travel agencies and websites which are offering mind blowing cruises to the Holy Land from different parts in the world. It actually depends fro where you are going to travel. Europeans are at an advantage for having the most Ports of Call which include a large range of cities from Bergen, Norway to Naples, Italy and Alexandria, Egypt. Hence, from many port cities, cruising down to the Holy Land can be made possible. According to the time of travel, budget and requirements, travelers can talk to the travel agents and have a suitable itinerary planned for themselves and their families. Cruises can also be selected according to the budget and luxury required.

Sights and Sounds to Check Out:
The city of Jerusalem is old and has been conquered several times. It is home to sites of interest to the three major Abrahamic religions and hence, place to check here are innumerable. Nowhere can they all be collectively explained and it is advisable for tourists and travelers that if they wish to check out the most impressive and locations of the Holy Land, they can take a taxi or a bus ride in the city, tour around and take a walk in the Old City for as long as they can. All around them, there would be buildings, edifices and locations worth exploring.

From the first temple built here under Solomon’s commission to the sites of Jesus’ life to Dome of Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Temple Mount, al-Aqsa Mosque and Western Hall; Holy Land cruises have numerous places to show leaving the visitors enthralled.

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