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Ibiza Island: It's where the fun begins

Ibiza is a beautiful island in Spain but is more popular as a party island. Ibiza takes the spirit of partying to a whole new level and is thus the place for merrymaking. This island along with Formentera, Menorca, and Mallorca form part of the Balearic Islands, is only 25 kms long and 45 kms wide and has fantastic beaches and superb nightclubs.

Formentica is closest to Ibiza and is only a short distance away by a ferry. The crystal-clear water and the stunning beaches pull people from all over the world to come to this great island and have a time of their lifetime.

Summer in Ibiza Island stretches from May to October but this doesn't mean that winter is dark and gloomy. The winter in Ibiza will pamper you to bright sunny days as well. Ibiza Island has been topping the charts as one of the most spectacular party island for two decades now and is now on the way to earn the title of a year-round tourist destination.

Are you thinking that Ibiza is not for you because you are looking for more than just partying? Well, you will be glad to know that this island has its eyes on every type of traveler. You can spend quality time in chic mountain retreats and discover beautiful sceneries and landscapes. If you are looking for luxury vacation, Ibiza Island will not disappoint you.

All that you can do in Ibiza

We are talking about an island, an intriguing and fun island, so let's start with the first obvious thing to do - Ibiza Island tours. From Ibiza town you can take a tour to San Jose village and enjoy the breathtaking views of some of the finest islands. San Jose has more number of beaches than the other municipalities of Ibiza.

The other tours that you can enjoy includes Santa Eulalia, San Carlos, Blancas, Aguas Blancas, Cala San Vicente, San Juan, San Miguel, and Santa Gertrudis. In these locations you will enjoy sights of quaint villages, charming main squares, mouthwatering foods in some of the best cafes, beautiful beaches, spectacular sea views, great golf courses, and many more interesting sights.

The other popular places to visit are:

Las Salinas salt Flats: Are you looking for Ibiza Island's most famous landmarks? Visit Las Salinas salt Flats. The salt fields have seen 2000 years of life - the end of some, the beginning of others-- and has been consistently mesmerizing people through centuries with its sparkling beauty of pure salt layer after the evaporation of water during hot summers.

For sightseeing, Ibiza will show you captivating country sides, ancient churches, lingering history, and rich culture.

Ibiza Island also has numerous options for mountain bike tours, water sports, adventure sports along with guided tours.

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