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The Ionian Sea accommodates some of the best islands of the world

Placed to the south of the Adriatic Sea and bounded by Greece and Albania in the east and southern Italy and Sicily in the west, the Ionian Sea is in fact a part of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are thinking of Ionia, the ancient city of Greece has any connection with the Ionian Sea, you are mistaken?

Although there is the resemblance of name, the Ionian Sea has no relation to Ionia. Again, there is distinction in the parts of the Greek islands that consists of the Ionian Islands and the islands in the Aegean Sea as the islands on the Ionian Sea have been touched by the inevitable spirit of the Venetians, French, and the British.

Because of the more than the average rainfall, the islands on the Ionian Sea enjoy lush greenery and are great for Cypresses, olives groves, and wild flowers during the spring season. While the winter is wet and wild, the summer is hot.

The main island on the Ionian Sea are:

The Spectacles created by the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea is another part of the Mediterranean Sea, which segregates Greece and Albania from Sicily and Italy. The Adriatic Sea connects with the Ionian Sea by the Strait of Otranto and on the southern coast of the Italy, the Ionian Sea forms a deep groove known as the Gulf of Taranto and separates regions of Apulia and Calabria. On the Greek coast, the sea forms deep inlet like the Gulf of Corinth.

The Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea vary in nature too. While the Aegean Sea is boisterous, the Ionian Sea is calm and is an ideal route for sailing in Greece.

The wild: The Ionian Sea has a rich treasure of wild aquatic life like the Monachus monachus, Monk Seal, Careta-careta, loggerhead turtle, dolphins and exotic birds. If not all, while sailing on the Ionian Sea, you may come across some dolphins and fascinating birds.

The Ionian Islands are also known as the Seven Islands or Eptanisa and are ideal for sailing. The clear, beautiful, turquoise water of the Sea is very well known all over the world along with the blue caves that are almost like the trademark of almost all Ionian Islands.

The Ionian Sea is the host to many lovely ports like Nidri, Lefkas port, Preveza, Gouvia Marina, Kerkira Corfu, and Nidri.

The Ionian Sea has a wealth of mesmerizing beauty, rich islands, sites with historical and mythological significance, comfortable and calm bays, and quiet harbors with local taverns where you can enjoy the delectable local food, view interesting sights, experience the richness of the islands.

The Ionian Sea has so much to offer that travelers are compelled to visit her not just once but on many occasions to experience everything.

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