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Istanbul Cruise from Turkey has a lot to be proud about

If you are planning to visit the only city in the world, which extends over two continents - Asia and Europe - you will not regret your decision. Apart from being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is also veiled in loveliness, intrigue, and mystery that is missing in many other cities today. Istanbul, Turkey has abundance of natural and man-made beauty. Along with the palaces, museums, bazaars, mosques, you can also see nature's wonders here. This exciting city has history as old as 8000 years and is a treat for the eyes.

If you live shopping, you will be happy to know that Istanbul is one of the least expensive places in Europe. The cuisine also has the unique blend of Mediterranean, European, and Middle Eastern taste. This combination of cuisine can be attributed to the reign of the Ottoman Empire that stretched out to Northern Africa from Eastern Europe and up to the deserts of Arabia.

Istanbul in Turkey is also a major trade center and a port of entry. Being one of the most important cities in Turkey, it has several high schools, universities, libraries, and cultural centers.

Places that will impress you on an Istanbul cruise in Turkey

istanbul cruiseSome of the places of attraction that Istanbul is famous for are mentioned below.

The Blue Mosque: This mosque is known as blue mosque because of the blue Iznik tiles, which was used to decorate the interior walls of the mosque. This mosque is also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. As is the tradition of all mosques, the tomb of the founder, Sultan Ahmed is seen just outside the mosque. Along with him, it is the resting place of his wife and three sons (buried there). The mosque was built between 1609 and 1616.

St. Sophia Museum
: This earliest Istanbul church was built during the reign of Emperor Constantinus. In the 5th century, It was known as the church of divine wisdom-Hagia Sophia. After being destroyed twice, first by an uprising and then a fire, the church was restored with the help of Empress Theodora. At one time it was the greatest church in the world.

The Topkapi Palace: This is one of the most popular sites in Istanbul, Turkey and has a very high number of footfalls every year. Sultan Mehmet II started building the palace in 1466 and completed it in 1478. Between the 15th and 19th centuries, the Ottoman Empire had used this place as a political center. In the 400 hundred years of reign in the Topkapi palace, each sultan added his own signature to it in the form of a hall or a section. The palace now is a set of buildings spread around a number of courtyards and has an impressive collection of china, Islamic art work, and jewels.

These are some of the popular attractions in Istanbul Turkey and it's just the beginning. Istanbul has more to show than you may have time to see, and hence you may be compelled to visit it again. When you are on an Istanbul cruise maybe will not have enough time to visit all the interesting places.

Nightlife in Istanbul: Istanbul's' nightlife is quickly making a name for itself as one of the liveliest in Europe. You will find the conventional male-dominated birahanes as well as the rave and techno nightclubs.

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