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Italian Riviera: A Pleasant Vacation with many surprises for you

The coastal strip that is seen lying between the Maritime Alps, the Apennines and the Ligurian Sea is known as the Italian Riviera. This Riviera is beautiful and glamorous but in its own conservative way-- contemporary establishments could not take the place of coastal villages and old structures that have laid a claim on the Ligurian Sea's rocky shores and where they definitely deserve to be.

The progress and modern touch that is inevitable in this advancing world share their glory with the irreplaceable 19th-century apartment buildings. Therefore, when you visit the Italian Riviera, you will be touched by the harmonic blending of the rural and the urban, the stylish and the simple, the cosmopolitan and the simple town. Just like the sun doesn't differentiate in shining down on them, nor are the tourists able when they visit the Italian Riviera.

To enjoy the luxury of the contemporary, you can visit the glamorous resorts like the Portofino and the San Ramo. For the quite beauty, outdoor adventures, and the architectural and historical magic, visit the Cinque Terre and the Genoa.

But hold on, that's not all. You can go ahead and also enjoy the quaint fishing villages, the sun with gentle breeze blowing off the sea, or indulge yourself in the comfort of the resorts.

Sights for you to enjoy in the Italian Riviera

Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno: You will be surprised by the beauty of this cemetery, which has far-fetched bronze and marble sculptures scattered on a hillside on the outskirts of the town. The wondrous sites include the Tomba Raggio created by Rovelli in 1896. You will also get the exhilarating feeling of walking the same ground that Evelyn Waugh and Mark Twain had walked many years ago. The cemetery has been in operation since 1851.

Galata Museo del Mare: If you want to get an entire history cruise on dry land and in one place, you should visit this place to know how Goenoa's port has come to have its recent shape. The highlight of the Museum is the 17th century Genovese galleon.

Palazzo Ducale: This 16th century palace was reconstructed in the 18th century and displays transitory exhibitis. To satisfy any tourist's craving for fusion cuisine, the palace also houses a restaurant and a bar.

San Lorenzo: This cathedral honors St. Lawrence and was used for hundreds of years as a site for religious and state purposes. The attractions of the cathedral are in its Gothic portal of the 13th century, frescoes of the 15th to the 17th century, the 16th century campanile, and the not to be missed Museo del Tesoro di San Lorenzo museum inside the cathedral that displays striking items from the silversmiths and goldsmiths of the medieval era. The medieval Genoa was very popular for these gold and silver items.

The Italian Riviera has its own splendor, unique in its own way, and charming in its own right. SO a visit to this place is definitely a wise decision.

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