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Katakolon Greece: Unique and important in its own right

Katakolon is a small, quite, laid-back Greek port town by the side of the Ionian Sea on the western coast of the Peloponnese. It is famous for its deepwater port that can accommodate even the largest of cruise ships. One of the major reasons why many people talk about this port is because it is only 35 kms form the ancient city of Olympia. So being the gateway to the ancient city has given it regogmition. Katakolon, Greece is now a starting location to discover places like the Mercouri winery, Kourouta beach resort, kaifas beach and lake, and other beaches like the Levendochori. Agios Andreas, etc.

Because of the promotion of Katakolon in Greece, in Mediterranean cruising line, this port city has been put on the map and this is a great port to sit, relax, and enjoy great food. Because of the promotion, it is now one of the busiest ports in Greece.

Things to do in Katakolon, Greece

Chlemoutsi Castle: This castle is located in the Kastro village near Katakolon on the western edge of the Peloponnese and was built between 1220 and 1223. This was an important castle of the Princedom of Achaia. The castle is actually an enclosed building at the top of a hill and is surrounded by large walls with arched gates and towers. Inside the ruins of a Turkish mosque and remains of aqueduct and cisterns will greet your sight. It is one of the great places to visit that has historical significance.

Mercouri Winery: It is just few kilometers away from Katakolon, Greece and is a site worth visiting. This functioning winery has a history of 150 plus years and is surrounded by beautiful landscape. Mercouri Winery has been consistently basking in the limelight of recognition because of the originality and high quality of wine produced by the winery.

And of course the Ancient Olympia: Katakolon is the main port to visit Olympia, which is one of the major sites in Greece. Olympia is one of the most important archeological sites in the world because of the stadium of the ancient game, Olympia from where we now have the present Olympics. This city is thronged by tourists every year and every four years, the attention of the world centers on this city as God Apollo is invoked to light the world with his heavenly light - the Olympics flame.

Katakolon gives a great ambience for letting your hair down, stretching your legs, and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing while being teased by the soothing sea breeze. There are many restaurants and coffee shops to keep you and your tummy happy. In fact, a Greek lunch in Katakolon is an amazing experience for your taste buds.

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