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Why Kavos, Corfu is so popular

Located on the Southern tips of Greece's Corfu Island, Kavos is a place that is lined up with bars and clubs that give tourists a treat to varied music styles and fun-filled entertainment. In order to find a nightclub, just ask someone to direct you to Kavo's Bar Street also known as the main street. Here you will find clubs and restaurants spread out on the long avenue.

If you are looking for a place to party during your vacation, Kavos, Corfu is the place for you. Here you will find the drink-all-night and laze-all-day crowd who just love to have a good time, especially at night. This former village that is turned into a resort is ideal for people who are big into nightlife and desire to part every night.

Some of the popular nightclubs in Kavos, Corfu are mentioned below. However, this list should not deter you from visiting other bars as there are many options and based on your taste, some other clubs and bars may interest you more. This list is to give you a feel of the life in the resort that never sleeps.

The Venue: This nightclub is open seven days a week and offers different type of entertainment each night.

Scorers Bar: It is a sports and fun pub and is open all days of the week. The big-screen TVs show the major and popular sporting events, music videos, and slapstick programs. Lunch and dinner is also available in this pub. At night, the pub is turned an active nightclub.

Roadblock Bar: This bar has two dance floors, lasers, and smoke machines. It is also open seven days a week and you can get cocktails, mixed drinks, and beers.

Jocks Bar: Jocks Bar is said to be the only Scottish bar in Kavos. You can relax and watch sports that are shown on the big-screen TV sets while enjoying your drink. This bar has a variety of dance music.

Other Attraction in Kavos, Corfu

Because of the hip, party environment, Kavos' tourism has seen new heights and apart from bars and nightclubs, there is also the sun and the beach.

The beaches in Kavos, Corfu are ideal places to soak the sun,get into the water for water sports and surfing, enjoying the golden sand, and tasting delicious food. If you want to enjoy a swim music at the same time, there are swimming pools in the pool bar which will make it a great experience for you. If you are an athletic person, hit the sandy beaches for athletic and water sports.

The Kavos beaches are a site in themselves. They are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely make your visit worthwhile.

Kavos also has history embedded in its sand. These are found in many locations including the Kerkyra, Achillion Palace, and the Old Fort.

Kavos, Corfu is a perfect vacation spot for party lovers who will love the vibrant ambience and also enjoy the other aspects of the resort that makes it so special.

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