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Ligurian Sea All that you need to know

The part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between northwestern coast of Italy and on the northern part of Corsica and Elba is known as the Ligurian Sea. Like the other regions of the Mediterranean, the peak time for Yachting in the Ligurian Sea is during July and August and this is when you will find an abundance of sailing boats and yacht charters. To enjoy more space and calm, many tourists nowadays go for the Ligurian Sea cruise during May, June, or September. October too gives a pleasant sailing condition as the water and air are still warm.

As the Ligurian coast is protected by the Apennine Mountains, from spring to autumn the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius or more. Late autumn and winter is the only time the Ligurian Sea coast experiences a stormy weather.

The one port a traveler must visit while sailing on the Ligurian Sea is Portofino, one of the most beautiful ports on the Italian Riviera.

The ports on the Ligurian Sea

The ports found on the Ligurian Sea include the following:

Port of Genoa: This is the hub of the Italian Riviera as well as the capital of Liguria and the Genova province. The port enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate while the city has the fervor of the centuries of history that marks its identity. The old town of the port of Genoa is packed with ancient churches, constricted passages, and the palaces belonging to the Renaissance period. One of the popular sights of the city is the large public square, Piazza de Ferrari. There are many more places to see in this port that will make your visit an enriching experience.

Port of Portofino
: This port on the Ligurian Sea is a very popular location for yachting. Portofino as a whole is worth watching, so a quick scan through will not let you have the whole of this picturesque port. Apart form the amazing beach and its exotic views, there are castles, and churches to be explored.

Port of Savona
: The beautiful sandy beaches, the hospitality of the people, and the sunny ambience make this port one of the worthwhile visits.

Port of Imperia
: Apart from the impressive structures like the old fisherman's houses, Via Bonfante, etc the other thing to look out for in Imperia will be the beach. The Spiaggia d'Oro or the golden beach is the most popular beach on the port.

Port of Sanremo
: Snorkelling, boating, fishing, whale watching, horse riding, and golf are some of the activities you can get engaged in. The casino is another popular attraction of this port.

Port of Vado Ligure: This popular seaside resort can give you the much desired respite by your spending long, lazy hours on the beach, roaming the small town, sitting at a café, or going for camping.

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