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The Beautiful Madeira Island

The Madeira Island is a Portuguese archipelago placed in the north of the Atlantic Ocean and west of Morocco, Africa. The island was discovered in the 15th century by the Portuguese sailors and is now a popular all-year-round tourist destination because of its low humidity, the Madeira wine, lovely scenery, and beautiful flowers.

Madeira Island is the largest in the group of Madeira Islands and is a popular resort. The island is also famous for the second highest elevated sea cliff, Cabo Girao. Funchal is the capital city of the island and has a natural harbor. The city now covers the slope of an ancient volcano.

Madeira Island has an abundance of natural beauty, birds-eye view of spectacular sights, tropical gardens, steep valleys, green mountains, sun, flowers, cliffs, and the blue sea.

The climate is not harsh during summer or winter giving it a pleasant feel all through the year and is the reason why it's the only European destination that runs successfully all year round.

Places to Visit in Madeira Island

The Monte Village is a popular place to visit in Madeira Island. The village has deep religious and cultural significance and also has charming attractions. One of the exciting ways of visiting the village is by cable car from Funchal. In the village you can enjoy the Monte gardens and churches that will keep you occupied for a good amount of time.

The Ribeiro Frio is the most visited tourist destination. Trout fish cuisine is a popular cuisine in this village because of the trout fish farms here. You can enjoy a stroll to the rocky outcrop, Balcoes that provides an envious view of the Pico Ruivo, the island's highest peak.

You can also go for a biodiversity tour of the Madeira Island and be in awe of the spectacular flora and fauna of the island.

If you like bird watching, you can give it a try and watch out for migratory and local birds.

Visit Funchal: This is the abode of rich, sub-tropical vegetation and is also an important port of call. There are parks museums, gardens, and not to forget Madeira's popular wines.

Calheta Levada Walk
: The best way to appreciate the natural beauty of the island, a walk along the levada trails will give you the best experience. You can discover valleys, forests, and mountainsides on these excursions.

Whale, Dolphin, and Bird Watching tour: Live the one-of-a-lifetime experience by coming up-close with whales, dolphins, and stunning sea birds as you sail on your boat.

Beaches of Madeira: The beaches in Madeira are well maintained, have friendly temperature, and has crystal clear water. For a golden sand beach, you can visit Machico and Calheta. The beach of Porto Santo is an amazing beach and is worth a visit.

The Madeira Island is a place where you can get the feel of being close to nature in its various shades and gives you a feeling of being connected to it. Visit this island and be touched by beauty in a unique way.

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