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The Splendor of the Malta Island

Malta lies in the central Mediterranean Sea, north of Libya and south of Sicily (Italian island). Malta forms part of the Maltese archipelago along with many other islands including the Comino and the Gozo. These three islands are the only ones inhabited and are also the largest. Malta is again the biggest of these islands with Valletta is its capital.

People of this island speak Maltese and English. During summer the temperature soars up to 80's and drops to 50 in winter. The water temperature, on the other hand, remains in 60's during winter and autumn and rises to 70's in summer. The humidity remains 70% all through the year.

The popular modes of travel that people use to visit this island are by the cruise to the Grand harbor or via Valletta by the low cost European airlines.

The exquisite Malta Island that enchants the visitors

Malta's history dates back to 5200 BC, thereby making it an island of rich history as well as the place with the best resort amenities.

The beaches of Malta Island are another popular attraction that draws thousands of people to Malta. Ghadira Beach (Melliha) has the largest stretch drawing many tourists. The Mellieha resort is another popular destination of the tourists from northern Europe and England. Diving also appeals to many tourists from the Paradise Bay to Anchor Bay that lies on the western side of the peninsula.

Other attractions of the Malta Island are hiking to megalithic temples. The Dingli Cliffs is a must place to explore in the Mdina. It is few miles from the town.

Sailing is another option you can consider to visit the three major islands.

Archaeological Attractions in Malta Island

The UNESCO-designated Hal Saflieni is a popular site. You will also find the Hypogeum temple ruins; the world's only prehistoric underground temple that stood proud in the 4000 B.C. to 2000 B.C., and an underground necropolis, which actually is a burial ground or a large cemetery. The St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina that dates back to the 17th century is another historic structure that must be visited.
Malta Island's stupendous architectural and archaeological heritage never fails to impress the tourists. You will feel, see, and savor the legacy of the various supremacies that have left their marks through centuries.

Malta Island is a place which can satisfy almost every need and desire of the tourist. You may be a tourist in search of a relaxed vacation or an action-packed tour, serenity or exhilaration, a walk with history or idyllic time on the beach. Whatever it is, you will find it all here.

Music, art, and theatre lovers can be entertained to their hearts' content in various cultural events. For a sports lover, the island offers tennis, golf, horse riding, sky diving, and various water sports starting from windsurfing to sailing along with the best scuba diving experience in the Mediterranean.

Malta also pampers the senses with delectable local cuisine, and not to forget the wines, vibrant open -air markets, splendid conventional fireworks display, delicate glassware, and the exciting casinos.

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