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Mediterranean climate: wet winters and dry summers

The climate in the regions that fall in and around the Mediterranean Sea and has characteristic traits is known as the Mediterranean climate. The climate typically comprises of warm to hot and dry summers and mild to cool and rainy winters. The subtropical high pressure affects the summer and the westerly airstreams influence the winters in the Mediterranean. Regions like the southwestern South Africa, Central Chile, southwestern South Africa, southwestern and Southern Australia, Southern California, and the Central Pacific coast of North America are said to have the Mediterranean climate.

The Mediterranean temperature is quite comfortable for the major part of the year because specific regions are closer to the sea or water. Temperature during summer is generally between 70 to 80 F (21 to 27 C), while the winter temperature is generally above 43 F (6C). The Mediterranean climate has winter rains and almost dry summers.

The Mediterranean Climate and the Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean cruises expose tourists to multi-dimensional cultures, food habits, clothing style, and the natural geography, and the Mediterranean climate plays a crucial role in attracting tourists from all over the world to these cruises.

Although the Mediterranean is a very large region, people travel to this land anytime of the year because of the fact that there is always one belt of Mediterranean countries that has a welcoming climate. But the season from April/May to October is the official time for cruising in the Mediterranean. Almost no rain and a gentle warmth makes this part of the year a very pleasant time for cruising. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Mediterranean cruise lines operate full-fledged during this time of the year.

The eastern Mediterranean cruises take visitors to Greece and Turkey and to places with a warm climate that gives people a respite from the harsh winter in their native lands. Eastern Mediterranean cruises have almost no rainfall during this time of the season. The daylight also stretches to a couple of extra hours giving enough time to see places of interest. And if you are looking for a sun tan session, the Mediterranean climate is perfect for it.
The most favorable part of the Mediterranean climate, the mid year is when most of the people try to take a cruise in the Mediterranean. Rainfall in winter is another characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. Although many cruise lines do not operate during this part of the year, there are some who still make themselves available to help tourists experience the Mediterranean during this season. The number of travelers to the Mediterranean increases during the shoulder season of March to May. The Mediterranean climate during this time of the year is mild enough for tourists to enjoy this mystic land.
Be it the summer, the winter, or the shoulder seasons the Mediterranean never seems to stop attracting people to visit the land and enjoy the bliss of this exotic part of the world.

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