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Know about the Captivating Mediterranean countries

The countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea are known as the Mediterranean countries. These countries fall in three continents:

Europe: France, Spain, Malta, Monaco, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey.

Asia: Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

Africa: Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

The best way to visit the Mediterranean countries is by the sea. Yes, cruise ships and yachts help visitors see more place in limited time, save time, save money on food and lodging, and make the travel very convenient without the hassles of connecting flights in foreign lands, unpacking and packing in every location, and going through the agony of communicating with people who do not understand or speak English.

Apart from giving you a luxurious and affordable trip to exotic lands and island, Mediterranean cruise staff also takes care of your vacation plan so that you don't miss out of the important locations and sites.

There are many places to visit and many ports to explore in the Mediterranean. Therefore, a cruise vacation that lasts for a week, two weeks, or longer is perfect to help you get the most out of the Mediterranean countries.

Due to the vastness of the Mediterranean, you will have to decide if you want to visit the Eastern Mediterranean or the Western Mediterranean in a single cruise.

Western Mediterranean cruises will take you to ports around Portugal, Spain, France, and Morocco. The Eastern Mediterranean cruises focus on Turkey, Greece, Croatia and the Middle Eastern countries. This is only a standard route and individual cruises will have their itinerary which may cover some more or less ports.

Popular cruises will include the North African countries or islands of Cyprus, Malta, or the Greek Islands. If you have time, you can get an itinerary that sails through all of the Mediterranean countries.

The exotic Mediterranean countries

Ancient monuments, rich history, intriguing culture, romantic islands, and fun and entertaining things to do - Mediterranean countries are the source of these pleasures. Among the Western Mediterranean countries, south of Spain will show you the Andalucian white villages, Cadiz will let you try the world-renowned Manzanilla sherry, and Barcelona will let you enjoy its culture before your cruise heads to the French Riviera. Italy will bring to you the dormant Mt. Vesuvius, the ancient Pompeii, and the magnificent Rome. Islands of Sicily and Sardinia will bring you delightful views, beaches, and fun.

On a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean, tourists can enjoy the lovely coastline of Croatia, the historic city of Dubrovnik, the mystic Greece and the surrounding islands. The Crete Island is one of the must visits because of the infamous Palace of Knossos.

From the port of Haifa, Ashdod, or Israel you can visit the holy city of Jerusalem while on a cruise in the Middle East. Egypt's Port Said is another great destination. It leads you to the Suez Canal which takes vessels to the glorious Red Sea.

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