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Why Mediterranean cruise lines are so popular

The best way to enjoy your vacation is on Mediterranean cruise lines. The clear and cool water of the Mediterranean Sea, the thrill of the prospect of stepping onto a foreign land and reliving partially the great historic moments, admiring the relics, and experiencing the rich cultures firsthand are enough reasons to get anyone excited before the cruise ship even leaves the port. The exhilaration of what lies ahead is treated to a luxurious life onboard when you choose one of the best Mediterranean cruise lines. These cruise lines ensure that you have the journey of your lifetime and one which will always bring pleasant memories in the later years. Because there are so many cruise lines operating, the tourists are able to get deals and discounts, which also reduce the cost of travel.

The popular Mediterranean cruise lines include the:
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Costa
  • MSC
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Holland America
  • Princess Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises

These cruise lines cover some important ports of call like the Santorini, Barcelona, Cairo, Crete, Monte Carlo, Venice, Athens, Genoa, Rome, Istanbul, and Rhodes.

Mediterranean Cruise Lines have a lot to offer

First and foremost, they will offer you an unforgettable experience. To name a few, you will cruise along the dreamy seaside town of Italy, the French Riviera, and see the great treasures of the ancient Greece. Mediterranean cruise will help you see many nations in one trip, which is not possible or cost effective by other means of travel. Another advantage is you do not need to look for accommodation, food, and unpack and pack in each port. Travelers enjoy the feeling of having a hotel by their side--their cruise ship.

Western Mediterranean cruise lines will take you to the ever enchanting cities and villages in Southern Europe starting from the Adriatic to the Straits of Gibraltar. It includes places like the Civitavecchia (Rome), Venice, Genoa, Italy, Naples, Barcelona (Spain), St. Tropez (France), Monte Carlo along with other cities and villages.

An eastern Mediterranean cruise will take you on a sail where you will see the intricate merging of the east with the west as you move from Italy to ports in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Greek islands, Egypt, and Malta. Every place has its own distinct story, own culture, and own history that make these places stand out and entice visitors.
For most of the eastern Mediterranean cruises, Venice is the common departure port but they also set out from Savona, Rome, and Bari.

Apart from traveling in comfort and visiting exotic places, Mediterranean cruise lines also bring other benefits to you. Unlike road and air trips where you have to pay for food and lodging in every place that you put up during your travel, the price of a cruise ticket includes the cost of your luxurious room, meals, in-between snacks, parties, entertainment, hobbies and activities.

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