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Why you should travel by Mediterranean cruise ships

If you are among those people who haven't taken advantage of discovering the Mediterranean by cruise ships, here are the reasons why you should go for it.

The ease of traveling: Mediterranean cruise ships will make your journey very comfortable and convenient. You need to unpack just once and pack your things only at the end of a journey. In addition, one day you will wake up see that you are sailing past the Piazza San Marco, Venice and the next morning you will see the medieval walls of Dubrovnik right in front of you. You do not have to pack and load your luggage into trains, taxis, or airplanes. Instead you just enjoy the places without worrying about the mundane travel issues.

Experience history

You will get to see places and things you only read about in this cradle of western civilization. You will be in the same place where the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World had stood tall; visit the place of the first Olympic game, the amphitheater where St. Paul preached, the streets where Cleopatra and Marc Anthony walked, house of the Virgin Mary, Pyramids of Giza and many more places of wonder. Mediterranean cruise ships not only take you to great places but also help you see more sites on a single vacation compared to other forms of traveling.

The Mediterranean is also known for its fantastic cuisine

When you cruise you also get to enjoy different food every day. Greek Mousaka, saganaki, souvlaki, Neapolitan pizza, seafood of Dubrovniki, and Turkey's apple tea are just some of the many cuisines that will excite your tastebuds. Apart from the food of each region, the Mediterranean cruise ships have their own chefs who also bring different types of food to your table. Food choices can be from salad or soup, pizza or sandwiches, entrees, hot dogs, hamburgers, and deserts. Many cruise ships also have Mediteranean cuisines on their menu. Dinner generally will have more exotic choices with four or five courses.
Because cruises take you to more places you can get more exotic things to buy, many of which can be a part of your collection. A tour of the Mediterranean by ship will help you see and buy, if you want, a Turkisg rug, Croatian silk necktie, Murano glass mirror and chandelier in Venice along with many other intriguing things.

Mediteranean cruise ships - what you can do onboard

There are many options for entermainment on Mediterranean cruise ships. Most of the ships have a casino with all the standard games and slot machines and bars and lounges. Special shows are held each night where dancers and actors put up fun and entertaining shows. Depending on the type of cruise ship, there will also be some formal nights where dinner is more extravagant with filet mignon and lobster in the menu. Travelers need to dress up formally on these nights.

Some of the main ports which Mediterranean cruise ships stop at include Spain, Barcelona, Tunis, and Rome. Some smaller ports include Valletta and Monte Carlo. Valletta is the capital of Malta with the most beautiful harbor in all of the Mediterranean countries. The island also has the famous Maltese Neolithic Temples-- world's oldest free standing structures.

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