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The Ecstasy of Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises bring unequaled comfort in sailing on the beautiful sea surrounded by quaint lands that brings the world to a standstill. The sites in Venice, Istanbul, Mykonos, Athens, and Rhodes are indescribable and only Mediterranean cruises can bring to you the alluring combination of deluxe sailing and cultural exploration.

If history and ancient civilization fascinates you, you must visit the archaic temples; spend some moments in the Greek amphitheatre; live arresting minutes watching the pyramids in Egypt, and picture the lost civilization of Atlantis in Santorini. Mediterranean cruises are a travel back in time that quenches the thirst of every person intrigued by the history of the land.

These cruises give you the opportunity to experience the far away lands from the comfort and convenience of the cruise ships. On a single vacation, in a single cruise, within a single budget you can experience various cultures, and visit various ports and islands of attractions.

Mediterranean cruises take you on an architectural and archaeological escapade without letting you check in and out of multiple hotels, wrestle with the luggage, face the torture of connecting flights in foreign airports, and the ordeal of booking a tour in a language you don't understand. The staff of your cruise ship will take care of all your personal needs and vacation plan. The cruise ships themselves offer many activities and entertainment that makes the sail to the tourist locations more enjoyable and fun.

Ports and places that Mediterranean cruises take you to
Mediterranean cruises can take you to ancient civilizations in Greece and Turkey, the coastal beauty of Italy, Spain, and France, some lesser known but wonderful destinations like Bulgaria and Croatia, and many more places of attractions.

The popular ports of call the Mediterranean cruises are very likely to take you to are:

Seville, Cadiz, Spain: A visit to Spain is not complete without visiting the cultural capital of Southern Spain. The vibrant streets, the impressive architecture, and the remarkable display of landmarks will surely make an enduring impression on you.

Athens in Greece where you can visit the Acropolis and the ancient site Hadrian's Arch including other sites.

Istanbul in Turkey will give you the thrill of seeing the astonishing Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and other places of tourist attraction.

Dubrovnik in Croatia was born in the 13th century and is a UNESCO world heritage site. This historic place also has a great southern weather to boast of. It definitely is a must see location and also has beautiful relics of art and the old culture.

Many Mediterranean cruises start from Athens and cruise around the Greek islands. If you are on a large cruise ship, you may also visit ports like Venice and Rome.

Rome and Civitavecchia are two very popular ports to start a cruise. Cruises from Venice also go to about every Mediterranean location and sails through the Giudecca Canal.

Barcelona is another port from where people start their cruise after enjoying the nightlife, the food, and the architecture of the place.

The Cruise lines that offer Mediterranean cruises include:

Holland America
Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruises

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