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Beautiful Mediterranean islands are a must see

A vacation or a cruise in the Mediterranean is never complete without visiting some of the islands. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful islands that you will never regret visiting.

Corfu, Greece: An island covered with white beaches and two million olive trees, Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. If you love the nightlife, you will find it here and enjoy the party until the morning. Venetian castles and beautiful scenery are other places of attraction. The ambience and architecture of Corfu reflects the fact that it was under the Venetian rule from 15th to 18th century.

Cyprus: Ayia Napa is famous for its nightlife. Apart from that the beautiful beaches the fact that it is near Bulgaria gives added value to your holiday. You get to enjoy both Cyprus and Bulgaria making the trip more convenient and economical.

Crete, Greece
: This Island is the fifth largest of the Mediterranean islands and the largest of the Greek islands. The all the rage tourist attractions are the Festos, Knossos, Gortis, and the Venetian castle in Rethymno. This island is one of the most visited by the tourists. Many foreigners visiting Heraklion, Greece make a bee-line for this island.

Santorini, Greece
: This island is famous for the havoc the volcanoes brought. Even today proof of that devastation is visible in this island and is also the home of many active volcanoes. This island is located in the Aegean Sea and is also popular for its black, white, and red beaches. The main city of this island is Fira and is famous for its sunset view. The widest beaches in this island are found in Kamari and Perissa.

Mykonos, Greece
: This is the abode for DJ's and parties. This island is popular for the windmills and the Pelican Pedro. Tourists can rent mopeds for moving around in the island.

Sicily, Italy: It is the largest of all the Mediterranean islands. Engulfed in lemon and orange orchards, this island is very famous for its cuisine and culture. The active Etna volcano is another popular attraction. Sicilians are fun loving people and celebrate life with carnivals; put up stalls of local specialties, street theaters, and dance in the streets. When you visit this island, you can live like the Sicilians during your visit.

Mallorca, Spain: This Island is a combination of beaches and mountains. Tourists are attracted by the warm weather, large number of beaches, and excellent tourist amenities.

Ibiza, Spain
: The world's biggest club, Privilege, is located in this island. Other popular nightclubs are the Space, Eden, DC10, Pacha, Amnesia (foam parties), and Es Paradis (water parties).

Malta: This is one of the least populated among the Mediterranean islands. This island has in turn three islands in it. The island has a rich history and the places to visit are the underground St. Paul's and St. Agatha's catacombs, the Megalithic temples, Mtarfa ex-British military buildings, Maritime and Armoury museums are some of the popular attractions. Scuba diving is a favorite activity tourists engage in, and needles to say it has many beaches too.

Why visit the Mediterranean islands?

Just like seeing the pictures of great places is not the same as visiting them, visiting the Mediterranean without visiting the Mediterranean islands is not the same either. To completely feel the pulse of this exotic land, a visit to these islands is a must.

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