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Some of the popular Mediterranean ports

Cruise in the Mediterranean gives you an unforgettable taste of diverse history, culture, and scenic beauty. You can immerse yourself in the coastal beauty of Italy, France, and Spain; you can explore the ancient civilization in Greece and Turkey, and visit the holy land. There are also some less popular destinations but are equally ravishing like Bulgaria and Croatia.

There are several Mediterranean ports to choose from before the start of the vacation and again there are various ports of call all through the cruise. This helps tourists visit many ports within a limited time, which wouldn't have been possible by land.

Several cruises start from Athens and cruise around the Greek islands. You also have the option of staying on small luxury ships within the island or go for larger cruise ships that will take you to larger ports like Venice and Rome.

Rome and Civitavecchia are very popular ports to start a cruise. Cruises from Venice also go to about every Mediterranean location and sails through the Giudecca Canal.

Barcelona is another port from where people start their cruise after enjoying the nightlife, the food, and the architecture of this place.

While on the cruise, ports of call that you may come across are:

Athens in Greece where you can visit the Acropolis and the ancient site Hadrian's Arch including other sites.

Istanbul in Turkey will give you the thrill of seeing the astonishing Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and other places of tourist attraction.

Dubrovnik in Croatia was born in the 13th century and is a UNESCO world heritage site. This historic place also has a great southern weather to boast of. It definitely is a must see location and also has beautiful relics of art and the old culture.

Cruises to Mediterranean ports

Time is not a hindrance when it comes to visiting the Mediterranean. Important Mediterranean ports and places that you will get to visit, even on a short trip include Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Croatia, Corsica, Malta, Greece, Sardinia, Tunisia, and the Balearic Islands. Mini cruises help the tourists to unwind and soak the sights to their hearts' desire. As a tourist you will get to visit tombs and palaces and spend time in the glorious beaches.


For many people their dream of vacationing in the Mediterranean has come true because cruising to the Mediterranean has become more affordable now. There are cruise lines that customize your trip based on your budget and requirement.

The mediterranean is no longer the vacation destination of Europeans only. Now people from all over the world are travelling to this wondrous land to see some of the most intriguing cities, taste the most exotic cuisines, visit the hitorical relics and structures, shop in the most vibrant markets, bask in the alluring beaches, swim in the magnificent water, and do many more things.

The Mediterranean ports provide all these to the tourists and they make it possible for visitors to enjoy more places in a stipulated amout of time.

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