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Mediterranean Sailing: Visit more places in less time

A land surrounded by the majestic water of the Mediterranean Sea, the port cities that you can visit, if in your itinerary, are France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey in Europe; Israel, Syria, Cyprus in Asia, and Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco in the continent of Africa.

Sailing in the Mediterranean is an all together a different experience. The wide variety in the culture, scenic beauty, and the overall sailing experience makes Mediterranean sailing one of the most pleasurable trips of the world.

Even if you do not have a sailing experience, you can still make the most of the vacation by opting for a skippered yacht. There are many yacht chartering companies that provide this service, and they even personalize your trip by considering your budget, your personal requirements, and your schedule. Yes, Mediterranean sailing is no longer a costly affair!

A sail in the Mediterranean will take you on a journey of comfort and give you a treat of rich culture, exquisite locations, fun activities, and a very satisfying experience.

Mediterranean sailing: All that you need to know

When it comes to cruising and sailing, The Mediterranean is divided into Eastern Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean.

Both the eastern and western Mediterranean is endowed with hidden coves, stunning beaches, beautiful harbors, rich history, and vibrant cultures. There are many yachts sailing in the Mediterranean. The different types of yachts available are the laid-back cruising boats, large motor yachts, and conventional sailing yachts.

Based on your preferences, you can go on a luxury Mediterranean sailing and explore the beauty of Croatia, the stunning coastline of Italy, the ever interesting Greece, the intriguing Turkey, the small but alluring island of Malta along with other ethereal places like the Cannes, Monaco, Palma de Mallorca, and St. Tropez.

The climate makes the sailing more relaxing and the best time for a visit to this majestic land is between April and October. The best months to travel are likely to be April or May, and September or October. The Greek islands have some of the most remarkable islands that should be visited. These are just some of the many attractions that a Mediterranean sailing holiday will take you to.

Life while sailing on the Mediterranean is one of fun and excitement. You will see spectacular views of the azure water and clear blue sky. The advantage of a crewed yacht charter is that you will have a crew and a captain who is aware of the surroundings. You will also have a personal chef who will prepare exotic dishes for you. The experience of Mediterranean sailing is truly enthralling with dazzling view all around and a luxury that you can only experience on awhile sailing on the Mediterranean.

Some of the world's best yachts are harbored in the Mediterranean Sea and undoubtedly, they live up to their reputation of providing impeccable service and turning your vacation into a fantastic rendezvous with the Mediterranean.

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