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Mediterranean tours on a cruise is the best option!

Mediterranean tours can be expensive and is the reason why many people procrastinate their plans of visiting the Mediterranean. But unknown to many, there is an option to visit the Mediterranean without burning a hole in your pocket, and that is by booking a cruise for the tour. In this way you pay less than the amount you would have paid for visiting the same locations by land.

The Mediterranean is a vast land that includes some of the greatest places like Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Malta, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia. After deciding the places you want to visit, you can compare the prices and plan your trip. Another advantage of a cruise is that the rate includes food, sightseeing, entertainment, admissions, and land tours. You do not have to worry about booking hotels, packing, unpacking, and packing again every time you visit a location because your cruise ship is your hotel that goes with you. So the sometimes tedious task of packing can only be done twice--before you start your trip and after the trip is over.

The pleasure of the Mediterranean tours is enhanced by cruise ships because you are treated to a luxurious lifestyle, gourmet cuisines, a very relaxed and comfortable trip along with various activities that can keep you entertained and happy.

Places to visit on Mediterranean tours

The Mediterranean has a pool of rich history, remarkable locations, and astounding beauty. There are many places to be visited and some special few ports are mentioned here.

Barcelona: It is the largest city in Spain, and with its busy town center squares, small bars, coffee shops, great shopping avenues, and palm beaches it a popular destination.

Rome: Rome is a must-visit place with some of the most famous structures and architecture in the world. The Colosseum is just one of the many historical places that are waiting to be visited.

Genoa: This beautiful city of Italy has a traditional ambience. There are areas that still reflect the old heritage and are untouched by modern architecture. Genoa is not the typical big Roman city and because of this the tourists enjoy its rustic ambience.

St. Raphael: This quaint little town on the French Riviera is situated on the south of France. St. Raphael is famous for its spectacular beach front boulevards.

Monte Carlo: This is where the game is played. It is famous for the casinos and the Formula 1 Grand Prix is also held here.

Corsica: Corsica is a beautiful island and is famous as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is not very populated by tourists and hence makes a great retreat, even if for a short duration.

Other equally exciting, beautiful, and distinctive places in the Mediterranean are Venice, Cairo, Malta, Istanbul, and the Greek Islands. The places mentioned here are not a complete list of the Mediterranean tours' destinations. There is more and more to unravel and visit in this majestic land. This was just a sneak peek into what you can see. Therefore, get your traveling gear, book a cruise, and enjoy one of the most sought-after vacations--the Mediterranean tours.

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