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What is the Mediterranean weather?

Mediterranean weather is so named because this weather is characteristic of the regions that are close to the Mediterranean Sea. The weather during the summer gets very dry and is very wet during winters. However, there are exceptions for certain areas as is a typical weather characteristic.

The continents of Africa, Asia, and some parts of Europe are influenced by the Mediterranean weather, while south western and south eastern parts of Australia, Western Cape, and central Chile enjoy a moderate Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean summer

Summer in the Mediterranean is hot and dry. With exception to places situated along the Mediterranean Sea coast, the summer temperature is high and can rise up to 80 ° F, but is not unbearable to go out on a mobility scooter to the park or take a trip to the beach. The average rainfall during summer is about 34mm. The summer is more prone to the subtropical high pressure creating a humid layer that reduces the chances of rain.

Mediterranean winter

Mediterranean winters are cold and at times the temperature can fall very low, but not to the freezing level. Rainfall is at its peak during this time with an increase in the wind velocity. This often leads to storms. Although snow fall is not seen everywhere, places situated on higher altitude experience some snow fall. The annual rainfall is seen during the winter reason.

The best time to cruise and enjoy the Mediterranean weather

It is the summer time that is ideal for a cruise to the Mediterranean, but for tourists who want to avoid the crowd, the shoulder season--Spring and Fall-- is also offered as cruising season by many cruise operators.

The peak season for a visit when the Mediterranean climate is enjoyable is from May to August. With rainfall being almost nil and temperatures at 70 to 80° F, the cruise ships are more filled during this time of the year. It allows for more interaction with people, and tourists spots and museums are open during this time of the year.

The shoulder season that occurs between March and April in Spring and September to October in Fall, is considered by many people to be a good time to cruise. The weather remains friendly with the added advantage of lesser tourists. But cruises may be shorter and itineraries may be limited.

Winter is the season when you are not to visit the Mediterranean. It is the off season from November through February and you will not find many cruises during this time. The ones that do sail, take the cruise to the southern regions like the Canary islands and Morocco. Rainfall is another factor why the winter is avoided.

Therefore, to talk about the Mediterranean weather, it can be said that for tourists who love outdoor activities like spending time in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing, etc., summer is the time for them. Those interested in history and culture can opt for the shoulder season or the off season.

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