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Minoan lines will never let you settle for less

When you have the best of service available, when you have access to all facilities that you are entitled to, when you have years of credible repute to make your sail a pleasant voyage, why will you settle for anything less? You should not and Minoan ferries does not let you do that.

Minoan lines is one of the predominant ferry companies in Greece. It has been in business since 1972 and has been carrying its lineage of quality service for many years now. The routes that it covers are Crete, Piraeus and between Patras and the Italian ports-- Venice, Igoumenitsa, and Ancona.

Venice Line: Minoan ferries include the HSF Europa Palace and the HSF Olympia Palace ferries for this line. The ports involved in this line are Patras, Venice, Corfu, and Igoumenitsa.

Ancona Line
: For this line the Minoan ferries include the HSF Cruise Europa and the HSF Olympia ferries covering Ancona, Patras, and Igoumenitsa ports.

The Minoan lines also cover many important domestic ports on a regular basis. The choices of Greek islands offered by this line include the Naxos, Thessaloniki, Skiathos, Volos, Tinos, Amorgos, Piraeus, Mykonos, Santorini, Astipalea, Paros, Los, and Siros.

Facilities and discounts offered by Minoan Lines

The modern ferry ships of the Minoan Lines offer all facilities without falling short of any facility. The ferry company's drive to meet all the requirements never leaves most of the passengers wanting for anything. The facilities include swimming pool on the upper deck, self-service restaurants, outdoor snack bars, indoor bars, cafes, complete shopping experience, internet access, and entertainment along with others amenities. People who camp onboard find these facilities to be very helpful. They are also provided with a 220 volt power to light up their campers or caravans.

With time the Minoan ferries upgraded its line of ferry ships which in turn increased the percentage of satisfied customers. This is one of the reasons why passengers keep coming back to this company.

Discounts and deals

Apart from having a competitive edge owing to its high standards and quality of service, the Minoan Lines also offer many great deals and discounts making this ferry line more attractive for the commuters and the tourists. These deals significantly reduce the cost of the tickets helping more people enjoy the service of this company.

Some of the offers available are:
  • ARC club members are given a discount of 20%
  • Passengers eligible for Minoan bonus club offer are given 20% discount.
  • With four passengers, one ticket is offered for free.
  • People booking junior and luxury cabins have free Gym and Spa service.

These attributes of the Minoan Lines explains why it is such a popular and leading ferry company. Therefore, if you have decided to travel by Minoan ferries, you have definitely made a good decision. You can be assured that Minoan Lines will make your sail pleasant, relaxing, and fun.

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