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Experience Monaco the best way with Monaco Cruises

The Principality of Monaco or Monaco is situated on the Mediterranean coast on the northern border of France. An interesting statistics says that the country of Monaco has the lowest unemployment rate in the world along with having the highest life expectancy. The country is also known as the host of the annual Monaco Grand Prix since 1929. Although it's a small country, Monaco has many interesting sights to show like the sandy beaches, conventional buildings along with boutique shops. Furthermore, when you opt for Monaco cruises, you get to enjoy the real Monaco.

The experience of visiting Monaco by ship is just wonderful, and if you happen to reach the port before dawn, you will get to enjoy hues of light playing tricks and casting a beautiful glow on the Grand Casino as well as on the lovely mountains. Monaco is a self-governing sovereign nation that is protected by France. This country is surrounded by France on almost all sides except for the coast line.

You may have the opportunity to watch the Grand Prix race from the cruise ship.

If you happen to be on one of the Monaco cruises in the month of May, precisely the third week,

Monaco Cruises: Sights to visit

Les Grands Appartements du Palais: Here you can view the artifacts depicting the history of this country. Princess Grace's State portrait, the marvelous artwork of Breughel along with other great artists of the time gone by can be seen in the rooms of this palace. A visit to the Musee du Palais du Prince will show you more mementos, historical artifacts, as well as important papers from the time of Nepoleon Bonaparte. Although the museum is open all through the year, the palace is mostly conducted from June to October.

Monaco Cathedral: This is the place where Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer are buried and is also the location where they got married. The cathedral is built of white sandstone, which were brought from the village of La Turbie and was built in 1875.

Musee de l'Oceanographie
: This place is a blend of historic maritime museum and the state aquarium. This aquarium is one of the most popular in all of Europe and houses a collection of exotic marine life including piranhas to strange creatures and plants of the sea.

Monte Carlo Casino: Another exciting place Monaco cruises lead you to is the Grand Casino. This is one of the famous buildings in Monaco. Apart from housing the gambling facility, the building also has the office of the Ballets de Monte Carlo and Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo. The casino offers different types of roulette games like the Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, Slot machines, Baccarat, etc.

As you can see, you have many things to do (if you want), and experiencing Monaco cruises is part of what keeps life exciting.

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