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A Tribute to the River Nile. The reason for Nile River Cruises

A cruise along the lifeline of Egypt, along the line that led to the creation of the great Egyptian civilization is one of a lifetime experience. The breathtaking beauty, the fleeting and lingering presence of the past is still dominating Egypt in the form of tombs, temples, local villages, and other works of wonder.

The lifeline is in the form of the elegant river Nile, which is the longest river in the world and flows through several different countries from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the great Mediterranean near Alexandria in Egypt. In fact, Egypt wouldn't have existed without the river Nile - the country's livelihood like the fields of sugar cane, corn, cane, alfalfa, sesame, and wheat thrive on the banks of this important river and is the reason why after tourism, agriculture is the second largest economy in this enticing country.

The Nile river cruises generally last between three to seven nights. And when we are talking about cruises, we need to mention about the vessels that carry tourists to the Nile cruise. The Nile cruise ships are generally not very large and are more like floating palaces or suspended grand hotels on water. The advantage of cruising is that you not only enjoy the tourist locations but also the traveling. This explains the reason as to why cruise ships have hot tubs, fitness centers, small swimming pools, excellent restaurants, casinos, libraries, theaters, dance areas and many more options for recreation.

Attractions of Nile River Cruises

A Nile cruise will take you on a joy ride of architectural wonders, artwork of the ancient Egyptian culture, and gorgeous views.

Abu Simbel: The four arresting statues of the Pharaoh Rameses that guard his temple entrance made Abu Simbel one of the popular tourist attractions. It is said that the statues were initially curved out of sandstone cliff.

Valley of the Kings: This is the valley of tombs of ancient pharaohs. There are around 60 pharaohs laid to rest here along with King Tut.

Karnak: In Luxor you will come across the largest or more precisely, an enormous structure known as the temple of Karnak, which was the Egyptian spiritual center. This site is likely to be one of the largest structures you have ever seen.

The other major temples you should try to visit while on a Nile River cruise are the temples of Esna, Edfu, Hatshepsut, Luxor, and Kom Ombo along with visits to Philae Temple, Valley of the Queens, and Aswan High Dam.

Other attractions that allure travelers while on Nile River cruises includes:

Aswan Botanical Garden: This garden is found in the middle of the Nile in Aswan and proudly shows off tropical plants from all over the world along with 30 varieties of palms.

Lake Nasser is an artificial lake that followed after building the Aswan Dam.

Nubian Museum: For a journey down the lane of the beginning of the Nuban settlement can be traveled in this museum. This area lies between Khartoum in Sudan and Aswan in Egypt.

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