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Odessa Ukraine: A city built on the foundation of history

Odessa is the fourth-largest city in Ukraine and lies on the southern side of the country. Located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea, the city is one of the main seaports. Odessa, Ukraine borders Moldova and Romania on the west and its significance lies in its border and coastal regions. The city experiences mild winter with little snow and hot, dry summer.

Odessa is considered to lie on the site where the ancient Miletian Greek colony had existed between the 3rd and 4th centuries. The city's history dates back to ancient Greece and under the reign of Catherine the Great, General Grygory Potemkin invaded the city occupied by the Turks in 1789. The seaport of the city is situated in Tamozhnaya Ploshad 1. Within the city you can move around in a bus or trolley.

Odessa, Ukraine has many museums, monuments, parks, churches, and beaches to keep the tourists engaged and entertained. An intriguing way to enjoy the city is to watch people by spending the time in the main street, Deribasovskaya, that is strewn with shops and restaurants.

Architectural attractions for tourist in Odessa, Ukraine

Opera and Ballet House: The title of one of the most beautiful theaters and most spectacular architectural monument goes to Odessa Opera and Ballet House. The Renaissance-style entrance and the Italian baroque façade of the theater make it a piece of art itself. The theater also has busts of Gogol, Glinka, Pushkin, and Griboyedov representing comedy, music, poetry, and drama.

Duke Armand-Emmanuel Richelieu
The statue of the first governor of Odessa, Duke Richelieu is also highlighted because of his good work that took the city by leaps and bounds.. It was he who did away with the corrupt administration, changed the fate of Odessa, Ukraine, initiated commerce and agricultural drives, and built port facilities.

Potemkin Steps
This legendary flight of steps is a witness to the battle of 1905 between the forces of the Czar and the defying sailors. The steps render optical illusion where you cannot see them from the top but only when at the bottom at the staircase.

Archeological Museum Odessa

This museum was established in 1825 is one of the oldest museum in Ukraine. Many tourists are impressed by not only the architecture of the museum and its display but also the fact that the museum houses more than 160,000 exhibits. It is not surprising that this museum is the storehouse of information of the northern Black Sea's ancient region. In this museum you will see items of primitive and classical influence along with relic of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.

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