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Red Sea Cruises: About the sea and its cruise

The Gulf of Arabia or Arabian Gulf is also known as the Red Sea, which is an enclosed body of extremely saline sea water in the Indian Ocean and lies in between Asia and Africa. The Red Sea is surrounded by deserts and semi-deserts and is influenced by the southwesterly and northwesterly monsoon seasons and has very low rainfall on the coast as well as the sea.

The birth of the Red Sea came about by the Red Sea Rift that led to the splitting of Arabia from Africa. It is suggested that as the Sea is still widening, it has the potential to become an ocean. However, the sea is popular among the tourist for its amazing sport diving or recreational diving sites like the Dolphin Reef, SS Thistlegorm, Egypt's Rocky Island along with the spectacular and less known sites such as Angarosh, Sanganeb, and others in Sudan. There are many popular tourist resorts that are drawing more tourists every year. Taking these facts it is not surprising that many people are now taking advantage of the Red Sea cruises to visit the sea and the bordering lands.

The comfort and advantage of cruising often outweighs other factors making more tourists opt for Red Sea cruises so as to have the best of both worlds-- comfort traveling and visiting exotic ports of call on the Red Sea.

Why are Red Sea cruises so popular with travelers?

Red Sea Cruises gives you the option to holiday in some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world. Because of the superb climate all the year round, the Red Sea gives the tourist the option of basking in the winter sun while visiting some of Jordan's and Egypt's incredible archaeological attractions. If you need more reasons to be enticed by this part of the world, how about the rich marine life and the dazzling corals that make Red Sea Cruises a medium to reach a diver's paradise?

The Mediterranean is a great place, but if you want to see more and experience more of a rich vacation, you must definitely think about the Red Sea cruises. Some of the well-known cruise lines that offer Red Sea cruises include--
  • P&O Cruises
  • Holland America Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • MSC
  • Princess Cruises
  • Silversea Cruises, and many more.
The shore excursions in the beautiful Red Sea makes the cruises even more fun and the popular ports that you get to visit includes:

Jordon Red Sea Cruises

Among the many places you can visit Petra, one of the genuine wonders of the world where you can experience an entire city shaped in a single sandstone cliff.

Egypt Red Sea Cruises

Egypt will take you on an enthralling journey of camel rides, sand dunes, the water life, bike safari and let you see the great Tomb of Tutankhamun, Giza pyramids, and many more inspiring and stimulating sights. You can also surf at Sharm el-Sheikh, enjoy the sand, the sun, and just relax.

Red Sea cruises have something for everyone and promises that your holiday will be one of the most memorable ones you will ever have.

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